Michael Yerger and Tyga both criticize Nikita Dragun for attempting to expose them, Details explored!

Nikita Dragun has recently come under fire for exploiting private Direct Messages sent to her by singers such as Tyga and Michael Yerger in the music video for one of her songs. The influencer published screenshots of private chats with her fans to embarrass the celebrity. While Michael Yerger’s direct message said, “How was your night?” Tyga’s direct message read, “Text me,” then concealed his phone number.

However, the makeup artist’s attempt to divulge the media statistics backfired when she was swiftly condemned for doing so online. This caused her attempt to reveal the media figures to be unsuccessful. Tyga stated on his Twitter account that the tone of his communication with the influencer was professional. A while ago, we directed and produced a music video for her, but it was never shown publicly for some reason. We don’t understand why she chose to put a picture of myself in this article. As he attacked Nikita Dragun for copying his text for notoriety, he stated that clout is fatal.

In contrast, Michael Yerger said, “I honestly just feel bad for you at his moment”, in reaction to the video. Yerger was referring to the time the video was posted. The internet community became even more infuriated once Yerger and Tyga demonstrated Nikita’s false allegations. Consistently harsh criticism was directed at the YouTuber throughout various social media platforms. Nikita ended her relationship with Michael Yerger in 2018 when she became certain he was having an affair. Initially, she asserted that Tyga had checked up in her direct message area in the same year. Both parties have, in the past, expressed their disagreement with the claims.

Twitter slams Nikita Dragun for showing private texts in a music video

Nikita Dragun is infamous for consistently being the subject of harsh press attention. The social media influencer in question has been at the epicentre of many scandals since the beginning of the previous year. She has been accused of making false claims, engaging in plagiarism, and engaging in blackfishing. Others’ work has also been claimed to be her own. Because of her ties to the renowned TikToker youngster Alejandro Sario and the Lopez brothers, she faced criticism for her behaviour.

The year before, she infuriated many people by continuing to organise parties despite the COVID-19 prohibition. After the influencer published her new song and claimed that she was the first Trans pop musician, she encountered some difficulties. Several people called her allegations into question, who said that she was capitalizing on her name while neglecting the contributions made by the late Scottish trans pop performer SOPHIE.

Internet users criticized the 25-year-old woman for identifying other celebrities and for publishing private texts sent by Tyga and Michael Yerger. Nikita has not yet responded to the massive criticism on the internet, but the time is running out. She has answered Michael’s comments on Instagram but has not yet commented on Tyga’s response to her charges against him.

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