Michelin-starred chef’s BTS PTD Las Vegas café meal: Menu and cost revealed, Details discussed

BTS’s Permission To Dance The City, Las Vegas, will include a fantastic musical experience and traditional Korean food, handpicked and prepared by Chef Sung Ook Back, who has received a Michelin star for his work. The septet’s favourite meals are at Mandalay Bay’s Seabreeze Cafe. The menu has a wide variety of interesting meals, some of which include fish-bread bunggeoppang, beef cutlet sandwiches, galbijim, spicy beef ramyeon, bingsu (shaved ice cream), and more. Room owners can order a three-course dinner for their guests that includes an appetiser, a main dish, and a dessert for a fixed charge of $60. However, fans may only reserve lunches for 2, 4, or 6.

BTS Cafe ARMYs can expect Michelin-star cuisine at their Las Vegas restaurant

The PTD – Las Vegas Cafe in the City event was going to be hosted at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, according to an announcement made on March 29. Fans may indulge in various BTS-themed experiences, from BTS-themed hotels and stay to BTS-themed meals and the idol group’s favourite traditional Korean specialities. Back Sung Ook, who has one Michelin star, is responsible for creating a meal that will bring the PTD Las Vegas event to the next level.

The appetisers, the main dishes, and the desserts are separated into their areas on the menu. Bibimguksu, which is a type of spicy mixed noodles, tteokbokki, which is a type of spicy rice cake, gimbap, which is a type of rice ball stuffed with seaweed and vegetables, modeum twigim, which is a type of assorted fried food, kimchi buchimgae, which is a type of kimchi pancake, and beef cutlet sandwich are the six options available for starters.

Dishes such as kimchi bokkeumbap (kimchi fried rice), galbijim (braised beef short ribs), jajangmyun (black bean noodles), Korean fried chicken, and spicy beef ramyeon are included in the entrées part of the menu. Dessert options include ice cream sandwiches, shaved ice, and bungeoppang, depending on your preference (fish-shaped pastry). The meals will be served at Noodle Shop and Seabreeze Cafe, both of which are situated inside Mandalay Bay. Tables have been held, and bookings have been taken to secure them. Fans may reserve tables for groups of 2, 4, or 6 people at the lowest price available, which is 120 dollars for two persons.

Many ARMYs travelled alone. Thus several complained about the high prices and looked for tablemates. Members of the armed forces who are familiar with the cost of living in Las Vegas have corrected the record and said that the average price of a buffet in the city is $35 to $40. This places the prices at the restaurant at Mandalay Bay in the same ballpark as those at other restaurants in the area. Meanwhile, J-Hope of BTS has fully recovered from his COVID and is getting ready to go to Las Vegas with the other septet members for their performance at the Grammy Awards.

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