Milk Crate challenge fatal? TikTok bans “dangerous” trend amid broken limbs, serious injuries

The Milk Crate Challenge has taken the internet by storm, and as a result, many people who have tried it have hurt themselves, like by breaking their wrists or bones. As part of the TikTok craze, people can be seen trying to climb milk crates set up in a pyramid-like shape.

People think that polythene milk crates can hold tens of thousands of pounds of weight each, but when they are stacked together, they may become less stable. Recent events in Dallas were ruined by a terrible accident in which a woman doing the Milk Crate challenge got hurt badly. Because of this, many people are worried that she may have left without warning. TikTok finally decided to stop the dangerous challenge after a few more people who took part in it ended up in the hospital.

Why did TikTok take the Milk Crate Challenge down?

A video of a guy doing the milk box challenge went viral online. In the video, a shooting happened just seconds after the man tried to do the challenge. When the person recording the video saw what was happening, they quickly ran away and hid behind a car.

People started spreading rumours on Twitter that a woman had died from injuries she got while trying to finish the challenge in Dallas. The woman fell from a stack of milk boxes outside a gas station and hit her head on the rough pavement below. Eddie Garcia, the Chief of Police in Dallas, said that the woman who hasn’t been identified hasn’t died but has been badly hurt and is now in critical condition. Several people, including the well-known comedian Conon O’Brien, were worried about the social media challenge. They took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

Having a Sense of Belonging and Being Well-Known

People can feel like they are a part of something greater than themselves when they participate in viral challenges on social media, which is not necessarily a terrible thing for the participants themselves or the world. An orthopaedic doctor named Dr Shawn Anthony was a guest on The Today Show, and he talked about the Milk Crate Challenge. He said these things:

Some injuries that could happen are a broken wrist, a dislocated shoulder, a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), and a torn meniscus. Some injuries, like damage to the spinal cord, can kill you. The doctor also pointed out that hospitals are seeing injuries that could be life-threatening as a result of the incidents. TikTok has decided to stop letting people post videos about the challenge on the site.

TikTok said this in an official statement, which said:

prohibits anything that encourages or celebrates harmful behaviour. To stop people from watching this kind of content, we delete videos and direct people to our Community Guidelines. We can only hope that the challenge is taken down from not only TikTok but all social media sites.

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