Mobile automation testing — Overcoming the Challenges of Manual Testing

The game is all about whether the customer or user is satisfied with the mobile application or not. And to satisfy a customer, you must know in advance what difficulties he might face and rectify them at the earliest. Now the question is, how do you know the loopholes in the mobile application? Definitely by testing it. Testing can be either manual or automated. But the challenge is that if testing is done manually, it might take more time than expected to implement corrections. Not only this, there are few more challenges that are faced in manual testing. Let us see them one by one.

So, how do we overcome these challenges? Absolutely by doing automation testing. The mobile automation testing will help overcome the challenges and provide higher returns on the application.

Challenges faced in Manual Testing:

  1. Time-consuming: As we already discussed, mobile app testing can take a lot of time writing and executing a test. This does not allow the testers to focus on bringing up new features as well.
  2. Human error: You can’t produce a test report that says the app or feature is bug-free 100 percent of the time with manual testing. It’s humanly impossible, in a sense.
  3. Repetitive Task: Testing is not an interesting part of mobile app development. The testers might feel bored to carry on the same test over and over again. It becomes a tedious task
  4. Increased budget: To implement a testing process, you will need to hire a lot of testers who do not even guarantee an error-free process. This shoots up the budget for developing a mobile application

Overcoming the Challenges of Manual Testing

Automation testing can help you automate tests like:

  • Functional Testing: Customers in the real world aren’t just using your app; they’re using Several other apps at the same time, and they expect all of them to work flawlessly. The customer might be on a call and check Whatsapp at the same time. So it is essential that the application handles and functions appropriately at that moment. Functional testing will help you in this case. Functional testing will ensure the app is user-friendly and working as intended. Developers require a benchmark to evaluate how each feature works, a “developer-free test,” if you will. Agile development necessitates daily testing of features, which requires automation.

Functional Test will include:

  1. Smoke testing: The bugs are detected at an early stage
  2. Testing for sanity: Once you have the whole software build, including any faults discovered during earlier testing steps, you run a sanity test to ensure that the defects you resolved did not cause any new problems.
  3. Regression testing: regression testing guarantees that any new feature added to the app does not interfere with existing functions or cause the app to crash.
  4. Testing for User Acceptance: UATs provide users more confidence in the final product and assist the engineering team in reducing risk after implementation.
  • Performance Testing: Performance testing ensures that the app is performing as expected. The speed and stability of the app is checked. Because a single glitch in performance can cause dollars for your application or even losing a potential customer. Hence this is the most important part of testing.  When you automate your performance testing, you can run your test cases simultaneously from a huge number of devices.

You may also execute Endurance tests (the ability to manage the predicted load over a lengthy period of time), Spike tests (managing unexpected increases in the number of simultaneous users), Data volume, and Load testing in a pretty simple way if you automate the performance test.

Automation testing has become a trend now. There are various tools available in the market that allow you to perform automation testing. You can choose the best tool as per your requirement and perform mobile automation testing. This will ensure that the application is launched without any errors and it stands out to be a successful one.

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