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A lot of Americans are moving to Spain these days. Specifically, the whole idea of a slower-paced lifestyle appeals to them quite a lot. As it turns out, more and more people are beginning to share the sentiment since I have just found out recently that the Spanish government is now rolling out new laws in their country that make obtaining residencies even easier than before! Compared to other European nations with tighter rules, Spain seems to be winning over American residents because they value being able to breathe a little more freely after an exhaustive day of work. The idea of not having too much red tape strangling your life is something many American expats living in Spain can relate to as they pay just under five percent tax on their income alone while enjoying top education for their children without paying any extra fee or worrying about excessive paperwork.

Have you considered living in Spain? There are more and more Americans who are relocating to Spain to escape the fast pace of life. It seems that especially the younger generations would really like to live somewhere else where they can actually afford a home.

When one is living in a country that is active, busy and fast-paced, people forget about slowing down. There are many professional reasons for why this might be the case of living in certain areas of the world like Barcelona or London – the cost of living tends to be high, unfortunately, so they may not be able to focus on things like family life. We know some may simply not want this lifestyle, that’s how alike yet different we are all. It’s important though to keep connected with friends and family you might have left outside your new home just in case something happens.

Talking about how many Americans are wanting to live in Europe and specifically in Spain. Specifically this has to do with the Spanish Residency in 2022 Permit and everything you need to know about it. Is this the right step for you? Our law firm can offer you guidance.

Many Americans dream of having an apartment in Spain. The rosy notion that you can spend your days sipping wine on a small terrace with your partner, whilst watching the world go by, is not lost on many people around the globe. But before you start shopping for a dinky little home in Barcelona or Madrid and begin planning all your future vacations to Paris and Amsterdam, we want to make sure that it’s legal for you to do so! A big misconception about living abroad is that it’s easy – but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, nearly every single document related to Spanish residency (or citizenship) will have some form of English translation attached – because most Spanish bureaucracy isn’t more complicated than how difficult it is to understand!

Make a post about why so many Americans are choosing Spain as their new home because the pace of life is slower compared to the United States as well as other European countries and it’s also pretty affordable for us. Also mention how our Spanish Residency team guides you through all your paperwork throughout the year.

Every year, thousands of people from the US flock to Spain for retirement. The lifestyle and environment there is perfect for those who want to eke out the last few years of their lives surrounded by Mediterranean sun with family and old friends. Make sure you are given paperwork from a reliable law firm such as My Spanish Residency so that you can apply successfully and smoothly.

If you are thinking about moving to Spain because the pace of life is too brisk back home in the US or if you already live here and want to become a citizen or resident, then we will help you with all of your paperwork for citizenship and residency after you purchase services from our Spanish law office here.

The pace of life in America is very quick. In this fast-paced day and age, people are constantly busting their butts. To top it off, parents tell kids to finish their homework incredibly early, so that they can have time out to explore the internet until 10 pm every night to do absolutely nothing constructive! Fortunately for you, our law firm My Spanish Residency helps your family integrate into Spanish society immediately by helping you secure an NIE number and a long term residency permit in Spain .

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