Naruto’s Shinigami: A Complete Guide to the God of Death’s Seal Reapers, Details discussed!

In spite of the fact that Bleach and Death Note are the shows in which you are most likely to run across Shinigami, Naruto has also given the God of Death a big role. Naruto’s Shinigami only shows up when the Reaper Death Seal is being utilised the vast majority of the time. When the Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, used it as a death blow to chop off Orochimaru’s limbs and shut him in, it became part of the Naruto canon. You’ll soon come to the conclusion that the Shinigami from Naruto and the zombie rockstars from Death Note or the grim reapers from Bleach who wield Zanpakutou are completely different from one another when you compare the two groups.

Because of the white robe and horns, it may potentially be mistaken for a Kaguya. All of this seems to point to the fact that this is how the majority of Shinobi see their gods. It has previously been determined that the only times the Shinigami are visible are when the banned sealing Jutsu of the Uzumaki clan, the Reaper Death Seal, is being employed or when a Reanimation ritual is being carried out.

Naruto’s Reaper Death Seal is a Shinigami-exclusive jutsu

In the whole of the television programme, the Jutsu known as Reaper Death Seal has only ever been used by three different Shinobi. According to history, the first time it was used to vanquish Kurama was on the night when Naruto was born. Minato used it to do so. The core of the Reaper Death Seal lies in the fact that the soul of the victim is encased inside the Shinigami’s stomach and locked away there.

However, in order for the user to be able to utilise this jutsu, they must first sacrifice their own soul to the Shinigami. As part of his strategy to vanquish the Nine-Tails, Minato trapped himself and a portion of Kyuubi within the Shinigami. In doing so, he also sealed the Shinigami itself. In order to defeat Orochimaru’s jutsu casting arms, Hiruzen Sarutobi enslaved the God of Death and his own soul in order to create a prison for both of them.

Reanimation Jutsu, also known as the Edo Tensei, was developed by the second Hokage, Tobirama Senju. Like the Edo Tensei, this technique needs the Shinigami to be called. It is necessary for the Death God to take possession of the caster’s body and cut open his stomach to release the souls of the individuals the caster intends to reanimate, as Orochimaru illustrates in a later part of the story.

However, in the end, the individual whose body the Death God has possessed must make the ultimate sacrifice. It is cleverly ironic that Orochimaru was able to bring back not just the First and Second Hokage but also the Third Hokage and Minato by executing a Reanimation ritual and once again calling upon the Shinigami for assistance.

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