NBN’s 5 Home Internet Speed Plans: Choose the Optimal Plan for an Excellent Experience

When choosing the best home internet deals, speed is one of the most important considerations. The faster your home internet speed, the better experience you will have on your home computer or laptop.

Surfing the internet with a slow broadband connection can be frustrating.

So here are the five types of home internet plans with NBN to help you choose the best one for you:

1.   Home Basic 1

The Home Basic 1 plan costs $29 per month.  In addition, it offers download speeds of up to 12 Mbps without any data caps or contracts.

It is suitable for users with basic needs, such as

●             Making phone calls

●             Checking and sending mails

2.   Home Basic 2

This package comes with a monthly rate of $39 and offers up to 55 Mbps download speeds. As with the first option, it does not have any data caps or contracts.

The plan is designed for houses with little online activity for:

●             Social media and surfing

●             Having up to two users online at once

●             Sending emails

●             Listening to music online

●             Streaming video in standard definition

3.   The Home Standard

With this plan costing $49, you can enjoy up to 50 Mbps download speeds without any data caps or contracts. Also included is unlimited local calling within your home area and home phone service.

An ideal solution for households with several users and devices.

●             A maximum of four people online at a time

●             Video streaming in high definition

●             Online gaming

●             Video conferencing through Skype or Zoom

4.   Home Fast

For $59 per month, this option offers up to 100 Mbps download speeds without data caps or contracts. In addition to home phone service, they also offer unlimited local calls.

Its main features include:

●             The fastest internet connection for gamers and uploading/downloading larger files

●             Streaming in 4K and 8K simultaneously

●             Over five internet users at one time

5.   Home Super-Fast

This option offers download speeds up to 250 Mbps making it suitable for heavy internet users.

An ideal solution for households that have many devices and users.

It is suitable for:

●             High bandwidth streaming

●             Faster transfer of files

●             More than five users and devices simultaneously

●             Enhanced gaming experience

Home Ultrafast

The Home Superfast offers enhanced performance up to 1000 Mbps along with all the activities listed above.

With this best home internet deals, you can enjoy:

●             Streaming video in high definition

●             Transmitting large files

●             Improved gaming experience

●             Streamlined videoconferencing

●             Multiple devices and online users

According to Telstra, NBN home plan speeds are a great way for home users to save money. You also enjoy an excellent experience without data caps or contracts. 

These internet speed plans have a home phone service, home internet overages, and unlimited local calls.

Comparing the options is the first step to finding the best home internet deals that fit your needs. Econnex makes it easy for you. Compare plans now with our comparison tool, or contact us if you need more help choosing what’s suitable for you.

For an optimal user experience, it is best to choose a plan matching your needs.

You can enjoy streaming videos or uploading images on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc.

So don’t just settle for less than ideal service – take time to compare and save.

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