NCAA YoungBoy: Union Springs NBA lookalike discovered dead

The social media influencer known as NCAA YoungBoy, also called Lil PNut, has died. Most people knew about the internet phenomenon because it looked much like the rapper NBA YoungBoy. ChangeofplanZ Media was the first to tell people about his death. Rumours are going around that he was killed.

The Facebook user known as NCAA YoungBoy used to post videos there all the time. He also posted things that made fun of NBA YoungBoy. The person with a lot of influence on the internet has built up a large group of loyal fans.

Union Springs, Alabama police have confirmed that the influential person’s body was found in the woods in his hometown of Union Springs, Alabama. On January 29, his dead body was found. He had been shot in the early morning hours of that day.

After NCAA YoungBoy died, several online tributes were posted

Today, the user clutch318money posted a video to YouTube with the words RIP NCAA YB, aka Little Pnut. I love you. He wanted to make a video to let the family of Lil PNut know how sorry he was. Both the performer and the YouTuber were very close friends. At 1:04 in the video, you might be able to hear him say:

It’s terrible, but I’m heartbroken in so many ways because he just moved back to Alabama. He called me a few days ago and asked if he could return to Louisiana. Even though it hurts so much, it has broken my heart in many different ways.

Since he had already invited Lil PNut to his house, the YouTuber said he was too busy with his business to invite him back. He said he felt bad and compared the influential person to his “little brother.” At 1:53.

The police went to the home of YoungBoy and looked through it

It was well known that Lil PNut looked a lot like NBA YoungBoy. On January 5, 2022, SWAT members went to the latter’s home to carry out a search warrant. Carleon Gallien, Roymello Williams, and Daryl Brown were taken into custody after being found in the Texas house where the crime happened. Reports say three were involved in a shooting in November of 2021. They are accused of shooting a man many times, which caused him to have permanent and life-changing injuries.

NBA It was said that YoungBoy’s mother lived at the house, but she wasn’t there when the police searched. It is still unclear if the raid on NBA YoungBoy’s house had anything to do with NCAA YoungBoy’s death. Clutch318money, a fellow YouTuber and influencer, told his audience that Lil Pnut had died.

This was because he and Lil Pnut were close friends. He said that Lil Pnut had wanted to come to Louisiana to see him and that he might have wanted to leave Alabama because he was afraid for his safety there. He said, It’s a sick feeling, but I’m heartbroken in so many ways because he just went back home to Alabama, and he called me a few days in a row to ask if he could come back to Louisiana.

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