Neumane, a renowned TikTok star, promises Blueface one hell of a fight at BKFC 19, Details of the controversies explained!

Blueface, a rapper, will make his debut in the boxing ring on July 23, facing off against Kane Trujillo, a TikTok sensation who was once known by the name Neumane. It should come as no surprise that Blueface decided to sign up for the fight since he wants to get in on the action of the expanding number of high-profile boxing matches. Individuals such as Logan Paul, Aaron Carter, and Lamar Odom, amongst others, have been engaging in heated public arguments for many months. The rapper will shortly make his first appearance in the ring.

Who Is TikTok Star Kane Trujillo?

Kane, who once went by the name Neumane on TikTok, gained many fans. Presently, the author may be found on the social networking site under the name @kane. On Twitter, more than 2.9 million people follow him and retweet his posts. His videos often consist of funny sketches. Kane produces TikTok videos in which he acts out a variety of events. Videos on his channel with titles like “Me coming home after failing out of college” and “Me hyping up my dad’s apartment after the divorce” have performed well for him. Even on June 26, Kane uploaded a video on the website featuring Blueface. Although very brief, the conflict between the two may be momentarily caught on video. The only thing he said in the video’s description was briefly stinky.

Exploring Kane Trujillo TikTok’s Drama

The allegations that Kane had stolen the work of other writers caused him to gain widespread notoriety prior to the fight. A user who started this dispute on TikTok goes by the handle @joey.bailey. This user published a video in which they compared several of Kane’s videos to ones already out there and claimed that he had stolen their ideas. This was not an original thought of Joey’s; seven other individuals had independently thought of similar concepts. As a direct consequence of this event, several of Kane’s fans took to Twitter to humiliate him publicly. The reasoning for Kane’s decision to end his service as Neumane has not been revealed. On the other hand, the innovator continues to submit movies to the new channel he created.

Blueface discusses upcoming boxing match

Blueface has made it obvious that he intends to give this fight his all, in contrast to Kane, who has been cautious in his preparation. The rapper revealed to TMZ that he had never participated in boxing before. He went on to say that he had never been interested in boxing. However since he is in a gang he fight a lot. Blueface is taking the next fight very seriously and has already started preparing for it, despite having never competed in a professional fight before. He said that he had been eating only things that had been grilled or baked. I’ve already begun a diet and everything. I haven’t engaged in negative behaviours like drinking or smoking.

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