Nicole Land accuses Edward Centeno of grooming after breakup Details explained

On November 22, Nicole, popularly known as Nikki Land of Arcade Craniacs, turned to Instagram to accuse her ex-boyfriend Edward Centeno of grooming her sexually. Only after this did the other person come out to reject the accusations. After they had split up, Nikki Land filed the lawsuit. They were busy making videos together before they announced their breakup. Although Nikki hasn’t spoken out about the reasons for their split, her charges have garnered much attention.

What exactly did Edward do to Nicole?

Nicole Land, the ex-girlfriend of Edward Centeno, has accused him of grooming. On November 22, Arcade Craniac’s Nicole “Nikki” Land turned to Instagram to accuse her ex-boyfriend Edward Centeno of grooming her. She has since broken up with him. However, he’s now come out to reject those charges.

Overview of Nicole’s posts on Instagram

Nicole said that my old boyfriend, who was 23 then, began grooming her when she was 17. She went on to say that there was more to the tale than people had previously believed. Nicole also posted a photo from 2016 in a different narrative. This young woman claimed to be 17 at the time. Nicole backed up her claim by posting additional content from the previous year. She added that she asked to scroll down, and I have early posts from 2016 of him.

She is 23, and he is going to be 30!!! Please do the math for me. Whenever you mention him, it makes me feel like my efforts are in vain. I’m at the end of my limit. “It hurts to think about what’s happened to me. Nicole claimed that Edward had tried to get in touch with her, even sharing screenshots of their chat. A week before Halloween, she severed all relations with the group. Furthermore, she mentioned I’m not a horrible person because I’m moving on.

Edward Centeno responds to the stories on Instagram

As soon as the accusations were made, YouTuber responded. I can’t believe what I read in one of Nicole’s tales about me making a ridiculous allegation. Now that I haven’t mentioned her in months, I think it’s time for us to go on with our lives. However, she is forced to constantly bring up my name to keep her place in light of her own ignorance. In addition, Edward cautioned his followers not to place too much faith in what they read on the internet.

In another instance, he said, many of you don’t know what occurs behind the scenes when we break up. Has she ever phoned to tell me how much she misses, loves, or regrets breaking up with me? He have mentioned that he haven’t mentioned anything about Nicole since it’s a private relationship. Putting my name out there and fabricating things like that just because she knows my life is a mess or because she wants to prove or gain some validation, I don’t know. As of this writing, the YouTuber has not issued any more comments.

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