No Game No Life Season 2 insight and other updates

Life of course dedicated to gaming for two NEET gamers whose lives take a tour of the fantasy world, Shiro with Sora makes sure they have all the fun and adventure. With every game coming out to life, their fantasy work just begins here. The series No Game NO Life brings in a well-furnished series regular with tons of characterization, perfect plot development with a serious portray of rules that seem totally out of the world. The first season went on to be a total hit of the fans but will there be a second season too to keep on the craze longer? 

No Game No Life Season 2 to air soon

The first season of No Game NO Life got live in 2014, on the 9th of April with critical reviews being too much positive and showcasing trends of great gaming all over the media. The show became almost an instant hit to drive viewers out of their seats and experience the best of Anime in a short time. The show writers already claimed that there will be no chance of leaving the series behind without finalizing it for a season 2, but still no news of it. 

No Game NO Life Prequel movie got released

Season 2 was not confirmed due to certain reasons with Madhouse Studio feeling different from the development. While to please the fans again with a better installment in the series, they released a movie meant to be a prequel of the same name, No Game NO Life: Zero in 2017. 

The season 2 announcement was not made that many public but initial rumors seemed to have been stating the time stamp for the next season, to be on 2021. 

Madhouse Studio with No Game NO Life season 2

On of contrary, the studio is renowned for the variety of series coming out in several times of the year. And almost all of their shows are rated as top best and really entertaining, out of the world and really unique for the IMDB score too. Madhouse Studio is regarded as one of the top best studios and there some bad ones that do never cast for renewal at all. The studio is trying their best to keep the shows true to their nature and with a game based show like the No Game NO Life, the delaying judgment seems legit and more prominent.

 A show that has originated from the novel going over millions of copies sale, it sets a milestone for the series too. Madhouse might even shift the time for season 2 a further bit to better the content so that fans will not be disappointed at all for the price of a little delay. 

While we keep waiting for years, as the first season got aired 6 years ago, waiting for another sometime might seem reasonable. The writers seem to also have a lot of content for No Game NO Life season2 with the Zero movie just covering the 6th volume. Well, let us just hope for the best for the season 2 of No Game NO Life to release soon. Just with the right amount of craze!

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