NoahJ456 declares he’s quitting YouTube in a goodbye video, Details explained

An excellent example of a zombie found on the web. NoahJ456, a YouTuber with a successful history, has decided to end his channel for the time being. An ending video named “The End” served as the medium for the announcement. The video’s release was unexpected since the YouTuber had just achieved a substantial goal. Recently, YouTuber NoahJ456 gained five million followers. The viral star’s announcement that he would no longer be releasing new videos regularly came at the pinnacle of his fame.

After reaching 5 million followers, NoahJ456 decided to exit his channel

After hitting the milestone, Noah sent a tweet alluding to his absence. The inventor announced his departure. Before he reveals his true intentions, he will post the finest video he has ever made on YouTube. NoahJ has been patiently developing his distinct gameplay style. Usually, between 100,000 and 900,000 people will watch one of his videos. Popular games like Call of Duty: Warzone & Zombies edition, Among Us, and many more have been the creator’s main emphasis. Even more recently, his loyal fans were ecstatic to see downloads of Resident Evil 8. There is no doubt that the member of 100 Thieves has been making a lot of money off his channel as of late. Since the YouTuber announced a break, viewers have been going through an emotional roller coaster. Many people publicly expressed their thoughts on Twitter. Some expected that he would return soon.

NoahJ gets overwhelmed about fan comments and hints at a short break

NoahJ’s goodbye was also reacted to by 100 Thieves, who sent their respects to the game’s founder on his achievements. The group praised his influence in the gaming community. You’ve created one of the best gaming communities, and we’re delighted to be a part of it. The goodbye film has received over 37,000 upvotes, indicating widespread approval of Noah’s last chapter. A lot of people support celebrities while they are away from work. NoahJ seems to be having second thoughts about his choice after witnessing the massive backlash, as seen by a subsequent tweet. After seeing the response from his audience, it is anticipated that NoahJ456 will only be absent from YouTube for a brief period. There is no official word on when the creator will be back, but we shouldn’t have to wait too long. The American YouTuber plans to celebrate this momentous occasion by taking some time off.

When will NoahJ be back on YouTube?

Some of his subscribers are worried since NoahJ has abruptly and indefinitely left YouTube. The CoD content creator has left his fan following in the dark as to why he is temporarily withdrawing his services and when he will return. But after witnessing people’s responses to his news, Noah is eager to return. The fans have conflicting feelings. Although they want Noah to return as soon as possible, they also know that their favourite YouTuber needs some time off. Now that he has 5 million followers, if NoahJ chooses to return, he may aim for the 10 million subscriber threshold necessary to get YouTube’s Diamond Creator Award.

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