Nude post of Miley Cyrus on Instagram is creating waves on social media

Miley Cyrus, who is active on social media, never fails to entertain the fans. Recently, she posted a nude picture on Instagram and said that she is ready to party. The singer was extolled to the skies with the hit song; nothing breaks like a heart. She has a good fan base. The sultry photo is drying up the throats of fans with the beauty and sexy body. The 26-year old, Miley Cyrus, who attained fan in a short time by crooning hits songs have posed nude completely. She just wore a hat and is lounging on the outdoor chaise enjoying the beauty of the place. The photo was captured in the desert landscape where she seems to be chilling out and posing for the camera.

The actress has around 88 million followers on Instagram. There is a tattoo that you can observe on the rib cage of the singer. She got the dream catcher inked on the body, which is looking stylish. There are a few small tattoos that you can notice near the elbow.

There is a festive season ahead, so she is getting ready to party hard. There are also a few emoticons that are posted along with the picture and caption. She wants to beat summer 2019 through partying. There are a few pictures that are posted by this beautiful singer promoting the upcoming performance that she is going to give on the 50th anniversary of Woodstock this summer in New York City. The concert is going to be held on Friday. There is a lot of energy and enthusiasm that is seen in the caption posted. The week was hectic for Cyrus. Apart from Woodstock she also performed at the voice contestant Janice Freeman’s memorial service. She has a tragic incident in March, where she lost the dear friend who is part of her team during season 13. His name is a freeman. She turned emotional while speaking about him.

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