Olivia Wilde’s Backbend video during Harry Styles concert, Details explained!

Twitter users recently went wild after reporting seeing Olivia Wilde backbend during a recent Harry Styles performance in New York City. The New Zealand singer-Love songwriter’s on Tour has been attended by the actress on many occasions. The 37-year-old has been seen with her supposed boyfriend at numerous of his concerts in different cities around the United States. On the last day of Styles’ three-month tour, though, she became an internet sensation when a video of an alleged backbend went viral. The House actress was seen leaning back and waving her arms in the air while dancing to Harry Styles’ performance, as captured on video and posted online by concertgoers.

Olivia Wilde’s Backbend at the concert explained

People who saw Harry’s latest performance have begun claiming that Olivia Wilde performed a backbend. On the other hand, judging from the footage that individuals have shared, it does not seem to be a backbend. Followers began looking for the videos once the story spread like wildfire. The actress was posing with her arms up, yet she gave the impression of leaning. This isn’t the first time people have made a big deal out of Olivia Wilde, but the actress doesn’t care.

Fan’s reactions to the Videos 

Several individuals began making fun of the actress, while others backed her, stating that she was only having fun. Someone even went so far as to declare her a horrible parent because she was dancing during the show. The author dismissed her as a “middle-aged groupie” who tries too hard to fit in with the scene. Also, it’s beyond sad that she uses the line “I’m a mother, I don’t sleep” in every speech, even though she’s never there for her kids. However, another critic suggested that the actress was dancing poorly to attract attention. Meanwhile, many spoke out in defence of the actress, claiming that her critics overreacted to seemingly little details. You wackos throwing a tantrum about #OliviaWilde performing a backbend only proves you all don’t know what a backbend is, tweeted one person. It was true; she was leaning back with her arms up. 

Relationship between Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles

In 2020, rumours were circulating that Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde were dating one another. The connection, though, was nearly made public in January 2021. At the wedding of Harry’s manager, Jeffrey Azoff, in Montecito, California, and the happy couple was observed holding hands. Even though the ex-Male One Direction member and the actress were linked for a while, they have always kept their relationship under wraps. Olivia’s close friends also let slip that her children, Otis and Daisy, are huge Harry fans. The mother’s boyfriend has a strong relationship with both of the children. According to the same source, he is a huge kid at heart and spends a lot of time playing with and amusing Olivia’s children. He has a lot of fun with them in the park, where they play hide & seek, and on the beach, where they build sandcastles.

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