Online Casino Games Based On Popular TV Shows

Earlier this week, the Discovery Channel announced that Shark Week is returning on July 24, 2022. The annual, week-long TV programming block is the highlight of the year for many; its popularity has transferred to other entertainment sectors, such as iGaming, which released a Shark Week-inspired Slingo game in anticipation of the TV program’s 2022 return. This is one of the latest branded casino games to hit the online gambling landscape, and in today’s article, we’re going to look at some more.

Branded Online Casino Games

Online casino games, especially bingo and video slots, are known for creating games based on key historical figures, areas, moments and locations, and elements like symbols. For example, a popular online bingo game (bingo is a casino genre known for offering daily specials, exclusive offers, and monthly cash giveaways) is based on the famous Inca Trail in South America. The Inca Trail is one of the top five treks in the world, leading to its incredible final destination of Machu Picchu. Some games also use themes from Ancient Egyptian, Norse, and Greek mythology, such as the Temple of Iris jackpot slot game.

However, as big as these games are, branded online casino games are even more popular, taking themes from other areas of life, such as popular culture. In particular, television show-based casino games like Slingo Shark Week are among the most played. Other examples of TV shows that have been turned into casino games include The Walking Dead, Deal or No Deal, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, and Britain’s Got Talent. Most of these games tend to have graphics, video, and audio taken from or inspired by these franchises.

Why Are These Games Popular?

Our favorite movies and television shows become part of our identity, and many people look for other ways to incorporate these movies and shows into their daily lives. People buy Avengers-themed merchandise like phone cases, pajamas, and blankets. You can buy coffee mugs with your favorite quote from The Office; you can dress up as your favorite TV superhero and meet the actors that play them at conventions like Comic-Con. Playing casino games based on movies and shows is no different. You’re immersing yourself in a familiar world in a new way that extends past turning on the TV or going to a movie theatre. Even better, many online casino operators are starting to offer mobile-optimized games, which means you can take your favorite movies and shows wherever you go.

Popular culture runs the world. Of course, this has disadvantages, such as an over-reliance on social media platforms, but it has also expanded and enhanced the creative process for many artists and game developers. No longer are characters like superheroes or Rick Grimes restricted to just the big screen or page, but we’re also seeing their presence in the gaming industry. It’s the same with historical elements, too. You don’t have to travel to South America to experience the Inca Trail because you can watch YouTube videos about it or play games inspired by it. Even though the real thing is always better, branded games inspired by real-life or popular culture are better than nothing.

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