Orlando Park free fall roller coaster kills a 14-year-old kid

According to officials, officials, a 14-year-old Missouri tourist was killed late Friday night after he fell from a 430-foot-tall thrill ride in Orlando’s tourism district. Late on Thursday night, sheriff’s deputies and other emergency services responded to a call from Icon Park, which is located close to International Drive in the city’s tourism sector. The young guy sustained injuries after he fell from the freshly opened Orlando Free Fall rollercoaster and crashed to the ground below.

Kid dies on Orlando ride

A young boy, 14 years old, died tragically after falling from a free-fall attraction at an amusement park located along a busy tourist strip later that night. The Orlando Free Fall rollercoaster, which premieres at the end of last year at ICON Park on International Drive, received a call on Thursday night. The Sheriff’s Department and other emergency personnel arrived on the scene.

The child did not survive his injuries and passed away after being taken to Arnold Palmer Hospital. Tyre Sampson was located there, originally from Missouri and now vacationing in Orlando with his family for the spring break. Minutes after Sampson and his friends boarded the train shortly after 11 p.m., cries for assistance could be heard coming from within the train.

As the vehicle begins to slow down, around two-thirds of the way down the tower, a passenger loses their balance and falls out of their seat approximately five seconds into the descent. They scream as the camera moves down to see a dead body lying on the floor of the brick tower. Someone cries. Call the ambulance! As the vehicle stops, the passengers start pleading with the attendants to let them out. If the people working the rides are unsure, another worker will come to them and ask. 

14-Year-Old Falls Off Orlando Ride

Deputies from the sheriff’s office said that he was found deceased at the hospital and was declared dead there. After the event, there was no more information about the teenager or the situation. On Friday morning, a video taken by an eyewitness of the terrible accident was widely distributed across various social media platforms. Passengers seem to be complaining about their seat restraints after an episode of “Today” was shown on NBC on Thursday night.

After some time had passed, a passenger claimed that they had fallen from the ride as it began its ascent of the tower. Stine asserts that the adjacent Slingshot and Free Fall attractions will be deactivated permanently in the near future. His company’s job is to keep IconPark’s two rides running well. The 430-foot-tall thrill is marketed as the world’s highest freestanding drop tower, yet it is just 11 feet shorter than the SunTrust building, which is the largest skyscraper in Orlando.

Since it opened to the public in December, the Free Fall ride has not received any significant reviews that Stine is aware of. Those who were questioned by the police said that, from their perspective, everything seemed to be in order.

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