What is coronavirus, How we can prevent ?


Coronavirus is spreading all over the world way faster than recovery is encountered. China was largely affected due to the named virus, both in its medical and economic health. Probable causes of getting affected by the coronavirus are pneumonia and a weak immune system, which lengthens the recovery time. Thus on account of coronavirus –Should …

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Who won the democratic debate in South Carolina?

joe biden

The debate at South Carolina was a free firefight. All six candidates tried to throw with every last of their shells on Bernie Sanders, to claim for the nomination. Since the time is running out for them to be a proper challenge to Sanders. Among six, only Elizabeth warren’s strategy was most clear. Her arrows …

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5 Dead After Tornadoes Hit Louisiana


The residents of the south will be awakened this Tuesday morning by the damage left by a series of deadly tornadoes, CNN meteorologist Michael Guy said that more than one million people in Alabama are on tornado alert until 5 am ET. According to CNN information tornadoes that destroyed parts of Louisiana and Mississippi and …

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