At Least 14 Prisoners Killed in Panama Prison Shooting


At least 14 prisoners were killed and 13 others, two of them in serious condition, in a shooting on Tuesday at La Joyita prison, which is located on the outskirts of Panama City and the most populous in the country, police sources said. “Twelve people were killed and two were seriously injured and 11 were …

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FBI To Start Investigation On Florida Shooting


A 21-year-old Saudi military man who had become more religious after the last visit to his country, and who is associated with a Twitter account in which he quoted Osama bin Laden, opened fire on Friday at a naval base in Pensacola there he killed three people and wounded eight before he was killed by …

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Trump Popularity Increases Despite Impeachment Process


Good economic indicators in the United States helped Donald Trump reach his highest levels of popularity, despite the fact that the lower house is preparing to submit him to a political trial, a survey released on Monday revealed. Although the survey of the University of Quinnipiac indicates that the performance of the president reaps a …

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