Trump Popularity Increases Despite Impeachment Process


Good economic indicators in the United States helped Donald Trump reach his highest levels of popularity, despite the fact that the lower house is preparing to submit him to a political trial, a survey released on Monday revealed. Although the survey of the University of Quinnipiac indicates that the performance of the president reaps a …

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Kate Beckinsale partly nude selfie sets Instagram on fire

Kate Beckinsale, who is the most famous American actress and model, never steps back to show the boldness to the world. Every time she uploads a picture on social media, it creates waves. The same has happened with the recent selfie that she posted on Instagram. She is never afraid of anything. The actress who …

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Florida man intimidates the family with Coldplay lyrics and drops off after SWAT promises him to buy pizza

There is a strange case that has been registered in Florida where a person from this region has threatened a family by sending them the cold play lyrics. He warned them to take revenge against the Nazi prison associate. However, soon police have arrived at the location and ended up this scene by offering the …

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