Papa Jim died, Danny Duncan mourns the passing of 92-year-old Internet grandpa

We are sad to tell you that Papa Jim, the Internet celebrity and everyone’s favourite grandpa, has died. On Thursday, May 12, YouTuber Danny Duncan, who often featured Papa in his famous videos, was the first to post on Instagram that he had died.

Papa Jim had a long life; when he died, he was 92 years old. At this time, his family hasn’t told the public anything about how he died. Fans worldwide are sad that the phenomenon has died and that he is no longer connected to Danny. Once, Papa fell for a fake news story on the Internet that said he had died. On the other hand, Danny disproved the claims by showing a picture of him and Papa Jim with the words “Miss you Papa” written next to it. Danny put a series of pictures of the wisecracking older man with the words, ____Thanks for all the laughs and memories___ I adore you, papa Jim. RIP.

The death hoax killed the most beloved grandfather on the Internet

A fake death scam has fooled Jim he saw on the Internet. In February 2021, Danny Duncan posted a picture of himself with Papa Jim on social media with the caption,____ I miss you, Dad. This led to rumours that Papa Jim had died.

Then it came out that the YouTuber had been out of town and was talking about how much he missed Jim because he hadn’t seen him in a while. Many people who visited the website found the poor choice of words annoying.

The people who follow an online celebrity are proud of them

Duncan’s tweet has shocked Papa Jim’s fans so much that they can’t believe it. Many people told Papa how much they liked how he always made them laugh and smile. Someone wrote on Twitter; Papa Jim is out here living his best life.

Would you pour him a Coca-Cola?

In their message, a supporter said, Rest easy, Papa Jim. I’m going to miss you. Many young people today look up to you as a role model. Our family will always call you Papa Jim. Get some rest. I adore you.

Another sad fan sent Danny Duncan and his family a message on Twitter saying, today I heard the terrible news that Papa Jim had died. My condolences go out to @DannyDuncan69 and his family.” His smile made everyone in the room feel better. A famous person has died, and we will never forget you.

Regarding papa Jim

Papa Jim was a well-known YouTuber best known for playing pranks on Danny Duncan’s videos. He always found a way to make things more interesting, whether he was skinny bathing or riding a quad. A lot of people thought that Danny and Papa Jim were related. Papa Jim turned 92 in December of last year and is now working for Duncan’s company as an Executive Assistant and Social Media Manager. Papa Jim was the grandfather of David Tomchinsky, a close friend of the YouTuber and a close friend of Duncan.

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