People have different thoughts about Tana Mongeau’s “William” stalker story

Controversial Tana Mongeau, a popular YouTuber, has resumed uploading videos to her channel after going on an extended break as she concentrated on producing new episodes of her podcast, Cancelled. The storytime icon has returned to her channel and is now recounting her terrifying encounter with a stalker, which has been met with various reactions from her audience.

After a break of over eight months, Tana Mongeau returned to her YouTube page with some of her iconic storytime recordings. She went into great detail about the incident in her video titled my stalker is back… but so am I: storytime finally disclosing his identity, in which she discussed the time when her alleged stalker tapped her phone and broke into her house without her knowledge.

It has transpired in the disturbing footage made available online

The victim, who is 23 years old, is certain that her stalker has been following her for a considerable amount of time. Mongeau claimed that her stalker was tapping her phone because she would hear “beeps” and “clicks” while she was speaking on the phone. This transpired after the occurrence of her phone being taken without her permission.

In her most recent video, Tana Mongeau discloses the identity of her stalker

Tana Mongeau began to describe the terrifying events, at which point she divulged the identity of the person she said was stalking her, naming him “William.” She went on to say that He has an incredible height. Something similar to Slenderman, but much paler than this wall. The scariest-looking individual I’ve ever come across in my life. I’m not coming because of his good looks; I’m coming because of the possibility that he may murder me. She said that a dead bird was dumped on her balcony and that it was mysteriously cleaned up “eight minutes later” without anyone’s awareness as she was telling the unsettling events that occurred during the stalking incident. The native Nevadan added further intrigue to the situation by claiming that only one feather was found where the body should have been.

Tana Mongeau said that she spotted a note that read “I lied” scribbled on the glass of her shower door after the bizarre bird occurrence, and she blamed it on the hideous bird. She was positive that her stalker William had left the note since the handwriting was similar to a smiley face that had reportedly been written on a mirror at her former residence. She was certain that William had been the one to leave the message.

Fans share their thoughts on Tana Mongeau’s most recent video

It was difficult for some of Tana Mongeau’s fans to accept that she was being followed. Others were afraid, while others voiced their suspicion that the stalker event was fabricated.

Who is this Mongeau man?

Mongeau launched her wildly successful YouTube channel in 2015 when she was only 17. Since then, she has become a bona fide internet celebrity. She has more than 5.4 million followers on the website, and millions more people follow her across other social media sites, including 7.2 million on TikTok. She has gathered a total of more than 10 million admirers across all of her social media platforms. But her OnlyFans account is really bringing in the big bucks for her these days.

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