Pleasure P snaps after his 17-year-old son are accused of killing a man, Details discussed

It has been reported that the son of Pleasure P is wanted for questioning in connection with a first-degree murder charge in Broward County. Marcus Ramone Cooper Sr., better known by his stage name Pleasure P, is a well-known R&B singer in the United States of America. This man, who lives in Miami, Florida, is 36 years old and has a kid of the same name who is 17 years old and sought on outstanding warrants. However, Pleasure P has recently responded to the allegations through Instagram.

Who’s Pleasure P’s son?

Marcus Cooper Jr., now 17, is Pleasure P. Cooper’s son. Because he wishes to maintain his anonymity, very little information is available about him. Despite this, Marcus is a parent to a child, and Pleasure P, now 36 years old, just became a grandfather. The news was made on his Instagram account in October of 2021. In January of 2021, Pleasure P sent the following message on Instagram. In addition to that, he sent a photo of his kid. It would seem that Marcus has deleted his account since the profile to which he was connected (@yrkcheck) has been removed from existence.

Marcus Cooper Jr. is accused of murder Details explained

Marcus Cooper Jr. has a murder warrant. After making the charge that he was engaged in a killing on Interstate 595, the Broward County Sheriff’s Office made his identification public in October after making the accusation. He is accused of killing Tyron Arthus, 24 years old at the time, on October 8 and then leaving his body on the side of the road.

According to a statement published on Twitter, the homicide detectives of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office have obtained an arrest warrant for the suspect that they believe is responsible for the murder of a man that occurred last month on Interstate 595. The detectives ask the public for information that may lead to the suspect’s capture.

According to WSVN Miami, Broward County Sheriff Gregory Tony was reported as stating. I don’t care where he’s at. We will have him extradited to Broward County because he is suspected of committing a crime in that area. We wholeheartedly applaud your choice to turn yourself into the authorities.

In an Instagram live video that has since been removed, Pleasure P disputed that his son was convicted of any public offense. According to what he stated, it was plausible that his son had shot someone in the course of defending himself. According to him, the suspect was 24 years old and may have been the one who initiated the fight. When addressing this matter, we must consider it from every possible perspective. We are in the dark about what the police know, do not have any proof, and are clueless about anything else. My responsibility as a parent is to ensure that my child is secure, and you know what? Whatever happens, happens.

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