Podcast co-hosts Bobby Lee, and Khalyla broke up after ten years of dating, Details of their breakup explored!

The hosts of TigerBelly, Bobby Lee and Khalyla Kuhn broke the news that they were breaking up on the most recent episode of their podcast, and the news has fans in tears. In the podcast episode released on July 7, the couple discussed their love and subsequent breakup in frank and open detail. Longtime viewers of the program and the couple’s divorce the social networking site Twitter to voice their disappointment.

Who is Bobby Lee?

Bobby Lee, a comedian, actor, and podcaster was born in California in the early ’70s. After being cast in the Fox sketch comedy series MAD TV, where he introduced numerous well-known and recurrent characters, he gained widespread recognition. In the years after MAD TV ended, Lee went on to appear in several films, but his TigerBelly podcast remains the most talked about of his post-MAD TV endeavours. Together with Khalyla Kuhn, they created the successful podcast.

A Glimpse of Their Romantic Connection

Khalyla and Bobby Lee originally met at a coffee shop in Long Beach, California, where Khun was residing. They had connected through the famous dating app Tinder. Khalyla, at 5 feet and 6 inches, caught Lee’s eye since she fit his criteria for a tall woman. When Khalyla wed Lee in a New York church in August 2016, she immediately became a household name. But then she started getting hateful tweets and Facebook posts from people who said she had just married Bobby Lee for his fame and fortune. Next, Khalyla resorted to Twitter to deny the claims. She does not shy away from posting pictures of her hubby on her many social media accounts.

Bobby Lee and Khalyla of ‘TigerBelly recently split

Bobby Lee and Khalyla met on the dating app Tinder. The couple has been quite private about their relationship, releasing just a few teaser photos and videos. Many people assume they began dating in 2013. Gold digger rumours clouded their relationship, which Bobby addressed again in the TigerBelly episode about their split. Khalyla and I have decided to end our relationship, and I wanted to let everyone know. On the podcast, Bobby declared, “I want to say that Khalyla is the love of my life, my best friend. She changed my life in so many ways; she reinvented who I am.” Later in the episode, Bobby discussed some of the biggest challenges they had to face as a couple. Khalyla had a cardiac heart problem, he noted. I carried her into a cab and believed she’d die.

Fan’s Reaction to the Breakup of Tigerbelly Host

Fans were devastated upon learning that Bobby Lee and Khalyla Kuhn had ended their relationship. Many fans took to social media to express their sadness, posting weeping emojis in response to the news. “The fact that Bobby Lee and Khalyla officially are no longer a romantic pair literally tore me to bits,” said one fan. Bobby Lee and Khalyla’s breakup is heart-breaking, said another.

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