Pokimane’s conversation records are leaked by RiceGum, exposing her as a fan, Details explored!

Streamer Bryan Quang RiceGum Le recently made a shocking accusation, saying that popular Twitch user Imane Pokimane Any had cheated on him and cut him out of her life due to his appearance. The 24-year-old YouTuber and rapper spoke about the reasons for the breakup with Pokimane on a recent live broadcast. RiceGum’s realization that she had removed all VODs and postings involving Pokimane across all social media platforms prompted a discussion on him throughout the live.

This new information irritated him, so he began to criticize her for choosing to distance herself from him in favour of seeming more “family-friendly” and “perfect.” When I first met Pokimane in 2015, we became fast friends. When I tuned in to her stream, she usually had about 500 people at a time. Whenever I checked her Instagram, she had about two thousand likes.

There used to be a lot of videos available online, but now they’ve all been removed. She strives for perfection and to be liked by everyone. She is not of Asian descent. Only bother attempting to take our stuff now. RiceGum’s latest revelatory words shifted the focus from his earlier claims that she wasn’t “Asian” to the fact that she was a fan of his.

RiceGum rips out Pokimane for supposedly cutting him out of her life

RiceGum discovered a tweet from a user who claimed that Pokimane had referred to Rice as her brother, even though most of their videos and tweets had been erased. She also said she would be lurking on his stream. Tell your Group immediately, Poki. Tell your team now! He cried in triumph at this news. Poki has always liked you, bro. It makes perfect sense, so it’s not odd at all, dude. The reputation of RiceGum is not clean. Being with individuals who are negative and unattractive doesn’t fit with the image she’s trying to cultivate, so she prefers to keep to herself. Just go ahead and live.

RiceGum argued that Pokimane had forgotten her roots and that she was only concerned with presenting a pristine picture of herself. Since I’ve known her, she’s no longer real to me. She swears to heaven she has no recollection of her origins. I never switch up on my day, even if I’m a celebrity, and now I have to have a pristine image like what, you go chop off your homies. I don’t do it. If you ask her about me now, she’ll say, “Nah, I don’t know Rice. He’s odd,” and you can’t get rid of this, bro. I don’t know what I’ve done wrong, man. I am only being authentic. I’m going to improve and be nicer to you so we may be friends. Because of how I seemed, we became estranged friends.

The level of insanity throughout is astounding. Fans have commented on social media in response to RiceGum’s shocking accusations. Pokimane has been accused of excluding RiceGum from her life due to his outward appearance; whether or not she will respond to his current allegations remains to be seen.

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