PoloBoy revealed he had a baby on TikTok, Fans are shocked, Details discussed

Even while it may look like influencers are providing their followers access to personal aspects of their lives, fans of celebrities can never be certain that the representation of the celebrity they are getting is correct, even if influencers may be. PoloBoy is the most recent TikTok star to conceal information about his private life, including the arrival of his first kid, from his legion of devoted followers.

PoloBoy has just disclosed that he is a father

Marco Borghi, better known as PoloBoy, a sensation on TikTok and Instagram, has announced that he will be a father. Many allegations were going around on social media that he was trying to hide the fact that he had a son before the announcement. Rumors were circulating that Marco did not want anything to do with the rearing of the kid. Marco released a TikTok video of himself sprinting down the street with the slogan now you know. Do not speak negatively about either her or the new baby. I would appreciate it if you could give me some room to myself. More than 2.5 million people have seen Marco’s video, and he has more than 4.5 million followers on the TikTok platform. Given the surprising nature of the incident, fans were trying to absorb how this changed their perceptions of TikTokker. This new understanding provides 19-year-old Marco with a new perspective.

Fans responded to PoloBoy’s fatherhood

Following the publication of the news, one of his fans commented by saying, PoloBoy is a father, no way. Learning that PoloBoy had a fully developed and still-living child was not how everyone had anticipated their Tuesday would go, and there was one more person who agreed with this sentiment. In addition to expressing their shock, several of Marco’s fans have voiced their interest in the kid’s identity and the circumstances surrounding Marco’s sudden fatherhood.

The identity of PoloBoy’s baby mother remains a mystery

It would seem that Marco does not want his followers to know any further information about becoming a father than what he has already made public since he asked for privacy in the post in which he announced the news. He has not disclosed the identity of the woman carrying his child, and it is very unlikely that he will do so soon. Marco gave the impression in a subsequent video that some of his followers could be interested in taking on the role of stepmother now that he and the baby’s mother had ended their relationship.

Marco wishes to conceal the fact that he is a father for as long as possible, regardless of the romantic circumstances in which he finds himself. Fans will have to learn to accept that Marco is not going to share every part of his life with them just yet, especially given that it seems that his new family is off-limits for the time being. This will be a challenge for them, but it is one that they will have to learn to accept.

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