Post Malone on reconciling with Ethan Klein and Jake Paul doxing him, Details explored!

A recent episode of Steve-Wild O’s Ride! In a podcast, rapper, singer, and songwriter Post Malone discussed his recent meeting with H3H3’s Ethan Klein and the time Jake Paul doxed him on one of Paul’s vlogs. After the release of his debut studio album White Iverson in 2015, Post Malone quickly gained widespread attention. The same month he was signed, he was picked up by Republic Records, a major label in the USA. Post Malone’s sound and songwriting transformed the music industry, with over 45 million Spotify monthly listeners.

How Post Malone and Ethan Klein Got Back Together?

Post Malone appeared in several videos produced by Ethan Klein’s H3H3 Productions before he became famous. Post Malone was a buddy and fan of Ethan Klein’s, and the rapper participated in and listened to Klein’s H3 podcast on many occasions. Podcast listeners, though, began to sense the tension between the two buddies. On the Frenemies podcast on the 17th of February, in response to Trisha’s assumption that Post had ceased contacting him because he was too famous for him, Ethan made a brief comment on their friendship. He said he had no idea why he and Post had gone their own ways. Never in a million years will you hear me speak ill of him.

The post was last seen in an Ethan video sometime around 2018. After that point, he disappeared from his videos. Join Steve-O on a Thrilling Ride! During the podcast, Post noted that he and Ethan used to be excellent friends and that he thinks both Ethan and Hila, his brother’s wife, are decent people. After regaining access to his number, the rapper prepared to get in touch with the YouTuber. Post: I’m going to text him tonight. After hearing that the two were getting back together, fans went wild.

What Post Malone had to say about Jake Paul doxing him?

Post discussed the infamous Jake Paul doxing issue, in which the boxer accidentally gave his address to the world in one of his vlogs and his expected reunion with Ethan Klein. In a now-deleted video, Jake Paul announced to his viewers that he had received an order of merchandise from Post Malone. Jake sent the apparel directly to Post’s house and, in the process, revealed Post’s address on camera.

Despite the video being removed shortly, it was too late as millions of followers had already screenshotted and published Post’s address. To be sure, this was an early instance of Jake Paul’s impulsive behaviour. The post claimed to Steve-O that he wanted some of Jake’s gear but ended up with something far better. Making a funny allusion to some of Jake’s old song lyrics, he says that it was like a god church. Post joked further, stating that he was shocked to see Jake in the end.

Further adding, I was sitting there, playing games, when the doorbell rang, and I was like, “Who the heck is that?” When I opened it, Jake Paul was standing there. The prospect of a collaboration between Post Malone and Ethan Klein has fans of both artists giddy. There has been no word from Ethan Klein.

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