Printable Pay Stubs: Why Make Them and How Long to Keep Them

When you’re running a business, there are many sectors you have to look after and many hats that you have to wear to make sure ends meet. Sometimes, you may have so much going on that you may end up overlooking a detail here and there. These things happen at every stage of the business game.

However, there’s one thing that you absolutely cannot forget to take care of: pay stubs. These important documents are a way to show proof of income, and you’ll want printable pay stubs for the safety and accountability of both your employees and yourself.

Why do you want to make printable pay check stubs? And how long should you bother keeping them in your inventory? This article will give you the answers that you need, so read on to find out more!

What’s the Big Deal About Printable Pay Check Stubs?

You may have heard about pay stubs before, but you may not realize how crucial they really are to the protection of your business…until it’s too late.

Paychecks offer a layer of security to your company by making sure everyone stays accountable. They show how much an employee was paid during a specific work period, what the deductions for that period were, and the actual amount that the employee received. In short, it helps an employee keep track of their money, and that helps them keep on top of things.

But you’ll want to keep a copy for yourself as well. If an employee makes a claim that you didn’t pay them their fair share, didn’t pay them on time, or didn’t pay them at all, you’ll need proof to defend yourself. In most cases, showing them the official pay stub is enough to keep the accusation from going any further, but in the small chance that it does become a legal case, you’ll have all of the info on your side.

How Long Should I Keep the Stubs?

In most cases, it’s best to hold on to your printed pay stubs for at least one year. That way, they’ll be around until tax season arrives, and after everything is filed you can start over with a new year. That said, in some cases – depending on your company size or the state you reside in, for example – you may need to hold on to them for up to three years to make sure everything is good to go.

Ready to get started with creating your pay stubs? You can get your first credit card by creating a salary pay stub when you make free printable pay stubs through the Paystub Generator. It’s just another way for you to make sure your employees – and your business – stay geared towards success!

Get Your Printable Pay Stubs Today

Now that you know about the power of printable pay stubs, you’ll have no problem printing some of your own so you and your workers can have peace of mind. Make sure to take a look around our site and read up on more tips and tricks that will help you stay successful in all sectors of your life. You’re going to love what you find here!

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