Pssst! These Are The Secrets Casinos Don’t Want Their Players To Know….

For years players looking to try out their luck have flocked to the casino floor, drawn in by the thrill and excitement of potentially winning life-changing amounts of money. From the bright lights to the lively sounds, casinos know how to create an environment that is both inviting and all-consuming.

However, behind all the glitz and the glamour lie the tactics casinos employ to keep players spending as much time there as possible. Whether it’s thanks to the psychological tricks or strategic design layouts, there’s a reason the house always wins and players still keep coming back for more.

Even something as seemingly simple and straightforward as a no-deposit bonus has a number of T&Cs attached to it. Therefore, to avoid any nasty surprises, make sure to read all that fine print from start to finish, because failing to do so will only work in the operator’s favor.

Keep reading to discover all the secrets casinos don’t want you to know, so you can stay protected and make more informed betting decisions.

No Concept Of Time

Time truly stands still when playing at a casino with the absence of windows and clocks. This allows players to become fully engrossed in their games, leaving no room for distractions or time limits. The sun could be setting or just rising and players would be none the wiser, staying glued to their seats at their favorite casino games.

Although many casino players are in possession of a smartphone which will have the time displayed on their lock-screen, very few actually think to take it out of their pocket in the heat of the moment. Besides do players really want to know the number of hours they have spent playing a game because they were on a roll?

Sensory Features

Casinos play into players’ senses by utilizing bright flashing lights and carnival-like sounds. Most slot machines even simulate the sounds of pennies dropping to keep the idea of winning fresh in players’ minds.

Slot machines also tend to make large spectacles when winnings occur, using loud and vibrant music to activate the brain’s reward system. These displays can create a false sense of possibility causing players to keep playing for longer in order to achieve the same result. However, it is important to point out that the machines are virtually silent when players lose.

According to a study by researchers at the University of British Columbia, these sensory experiences have an impact on players’ thoughts and emotions causing them to take more risks which could lead to problem gambling. This is because players at casinos tend to employ a high-risk, high-reward mindset leading them to forget that their chances of winning are slim and allowing them to get caught up in all the excitement.

Another, sensory experience casinos lean on is the smell. Originally used to mask the odour of smoke, today casinos carefully curate their scents creating a blend that is both relaxing and inviting. Research has shown that the right casino scent can successfully trigger emotional conditioning and loyalty, locking down regular customers and bringing back new ones.

Design Details

Nothing about the design of a casino floor is accidental. Take the structure for example, it is purposely designed to look like a maze with winding paths all leading up to the front of the casino. The paths also strategically take individuals through the gaming sections in the hopes of tempting them to try their luck. There are also no direct aisles leading to exits, making it harder for players to get up and leave once they have settled at a machine.

Even locating the bathroom is a mission as unlike most establishments that place their bathrooms in plain sight or at least use clear instructions to direct patrons to their desired location, casino bathrooms are located deep within the building. As such, players who need to relieve themselves need to bypass the many tempting games conveniently placed along the way.

Complimentary Drinks

As previously mentioned, casinos will try their utmost to prevent players from leaving the casino floor going so far as to offer complimentary drinks to help quench their thirst. That’s right, players don’t even need to get up from their favorite card tables or slot machines as most large casinos come equipped with waitstaff ready to provide players with free drinks in no time.

The free-flowing booze also helps players to relax, lowering inhibitions and clouding their judgement. As such, players should monitor their alcohol intake to avoid spending more than they can afford to lose.

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