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Quackity is a famous Mexican media star who is also a songwriter and an outstanding instrumentalist. His YouTube channel has crossed more than 4 million subscribers, and he is channel name exquisite. He has all rights to be part of the prominent players of the video game. His efficiency in playing video games and interacting with the fans is pretty seen on his social account.

Quackity Early Life

Quackity is best known for being a YouTuber and then a Mexican who went online to host a competition and is talented in several features. He is 22 years old as he celebrates his birthday every 28 December. He is known for participating in online games and narration for several channels. Quackity parents are unknown, and his real name is not Quackity but Alexis. He is a young person who is leading in the progress of stardom. It is difficult to pay the challenges on social media when youngsters are pretty involved in the platform. However, when he started his Entertainment channel, he was new to finding the best content and way to survive. But today, he has people who support him and give him the power to explore in every way.

How Did Quackity Get Famous?

Quackity is known for being an American gamer and a YouTuber with a channel. He has millions of people subscribing to his YouTube channel in a short period. The success of Quackity in massive fan following on different platforms such as Instagram and others has increased his goodwill. But his immense creativity in video gaming and content on lifestyle is popular. Along with making videos for YouTube fans, he is interested in music. He likes making musical covers and songs for the channel. He has good knowledge of playing a different instrument, and the audience has given a good response and views.

Moreover, he has even collaborated with other YouTubers to create content and fantastic music. He understands the importance of the platform and likes revolving around enjoying every moment. He has always been into gaming; therefore, the channel describes his personality perfectly.

Other Interest

Quackity has a widespread interest in music which is already discussed above. Apart from music and instrument, he also looks up to know about popular cars by designing models. He likes sports cars and is a good fan of Formula 1. He admires how the companies create the vehicle in the fastest running mode. However, his biggest dream is to make money in that he can easily purchase the best car with the most potent engine.

Moreover, the interest in Ferrari and BMW is also an alternative reason behind being a gamer. Another exciting area in which he is pretty interested in watches and caps. He likes wearing different colour caps, predominantly black and white. He does not go out without wearing a hat, making him even more excellent and handsome. Watches are the most decent accessory that any person can wear. His demand to wear a watch knows about the exact time and not a single moment. He is very punctual about his work and does not like to keep things waiting for a long time.

Quackity’s Height And Weight 

Quackity has blonde hair and dark brown, bright eyes. He stands tall by 5 feet 4 inches in height and 60 kg around in weight. He is a grown adult who is going to the changes; however, he takes quality time to walk and run. He wants to stay alive, which comes with a healthy lifestyle and no bad habits.

Quackity’s Dating History

Quackity has never given a single detail about his love relationship. Constantly being around the camera for the fans but still does not want anybody to know about his private life makes him slightly different from the other YouTubers. The impact does not allow his family members to come inside the video or interact with the subscribers. According to his belief, he does not want to have a chance of being distracted. He is very focused on his work and wants to grow with the YouTube channel. He is in the middle of learning so many other activities that can boost the traffic and supply more subscribers. Therefore the central question about his dating life is private, and he is not in the current situation to share any dating history.

Full born name: Alexis

Nicknames: Quackity

Occupation: Social star 

Religion: Christianity

Date of birth: 28 December 2000

Birthplace: Mexico

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Father name: N/A

Mother name: N/A 

Sibling’s name: N/A 

Spouse/ Girlfriend: N/A

Children: None

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Quackity’s Body Measurement

Quackity waist, arms, and hips measurements are unknown; however, as per his growing personality, it is determined that he is solid and focused. He is at all man with a muscular body.

Height: 5’4″

Weight: 60 Kg

Chest size: N/A

Waist size: N/A

Hip’s size: N/A

Dress size: 6 U.S.

Shoe size: 9 U.S.

Eye’s colour: Dark Brown

Hair colour:  Blonde

Natural Breast Or Implants: Natural

Have They Gone Under Knife?

Quackity has gained publicity on the internet in less time. People have accepted him the way he naturally is; therefore, he is not forced or obliged to have any treatment. Moreover, his thinking does not make the same a part of chemical treatment. He concentrates on his success, neither on the people’s comments about his facial features. Quickly believe that a person’s confidence comes from inside, and the people do not gift it. Therefore if somebody is strong enough to put the views in public with their natural personality, it is perfect.

Quackity’s Net Worth

Quickly joined the online platform in 2013, he started his YouTube channel and made the people follow him regularly. As a result, people have started understanding his content, and in 2020 it is estimated that the total net worth of Quackity is estimated more than 4 million dollars. As of now, two years have passed from 2020, and the capital valuation has gone above 5 million dollars.


Hobbies: Singing

Favourite Sport: Basketball

Favourite Food: Pasta

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