Quickly Convert Your Excel to PDF Files Online

PDF files or so-called Portable Document Format have made many uses, especially these days, that many people are engaging in online activities due to the pandemic. You can use this kind of file in so many ways that it has become convenient for many. You might know now that PDF files can also be hard to handle if you’re using it.

This is a multipurpose file because you can do things such as split, convert, compress, and merge. But PDF can sometimes be a burden to your storage devices since some have a large size. This is the reason why there is a need to compress such files. This file is not only for offices but is also used in school by the students. Excel to PDF file conversion has been standard today.

Excel to PDF Conversion

Converting a PDF file using the PDFBear conversion tool is the most efficient online tool. The process is quick, and it’s easy to use. It will only take four simple steps to do the conversion, and it’s made it possible to be easily understood by everyone. Even if you’re a non-techy kind of person, this would be easy if you follow the steps. These are the steps on how to convert Excel to PDF.

  • Drag or select files you want to convert.
  • Upload the file to their server.
  • Choose the options that you want to modify your files.
  • The conversion will start once you have done the steps above.
  • Wait for less than a minute to convert.
  • Once it’s done to process, your file is ready to share or download.

PDFBear Can Read XSL and XLSX Files

Microsoft Excel’s file is called XSL. The latest format similar to XSL and used by many people now is XLSX files. The good thing about PDFBear is it can read both of the file formats. Converting this format will not affect the performance of PDFBear. It will still provide quality service and fast processing.

PDF Tool Online

It is necessary to have an online PDF tool that can be trusted if your work field uses PDF files. Searching for this kind of device might confuse you and waste your time since there is a lot of it on the internet. PDFBear can be trusted, and the most excellent that gives quality services.

You don’t need to install or download software to use PDFBear, and you can use this for free. Therefore, working with a lot of PDF files would be comfortable with the help of PDFBear. Converting your files will be comfortable, fast, and easy to manipulate, especially if you’re converting Excel files to PDF.

Your File is Secure and Safe

The security that PDFBear provides is one of the best of it. You might wonder how your file will be safe and secure when you upload it to their server since many people would also be a threat to your privacy. They care for your file’s confidentiality, and it makes them one of the top online conversion tools that you can rely on.

The reason behind this feature is PDFBear does not meet your file. They only give service to you. They will delete the uploaded files from their server permanently. Nobody can harm your file; it is that you have control over how to use your files.


Working with PDF files nowadays has been overwhelming to the users. And the online tool that they usually recommend is PDFBear with its excellent quality, and you will find it convenient since it is easy to use. You can use it anywhere you go with your device that has an internet connection—finding the best online PDF tool? Choose PDFBear.

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