Release Date of Rick and Morty Season 4

The abundant silence after the 5th episode of season 4 from Rick and Morty is hurting viewers. Although, the season will not end right there, neither will the episodes with an upheld ending. While the showrunners did not mention any specific date of when episode 6 will come since it would be a relief to hear about it. One of the tops claimed with intense humor and brilliant writing, the 4th season of Rick and Morty just dropped only 5 episodes unlike the last season, where it went out of the world with season 3’s first episode. But indeed the show came back.  

When will Rick and Morty Season 4 return?

Mostly silence, we are also waiting for the return of season 4 with its new 6th episode. The showrunners did not mention any official return date nor any upcoming spoilers as to what will happen in the series. The last 5th episode aired on December 15th and that’s all. 

Those fans who are prominently waiting for the return should wait a little more. We did a lot of digging possible on our side aside the show’s past returns and all of its social media quotes, posts and any related posting to find anything that would hint towards the next episode. 

What to expect from Rick and Morty Season 4?

Rick and Morty are also highly accurate and original according to the reviews. Thus when the next episode comes, you can expect a perfect season reopening.  

On the course of all its seasons, Rick and Morty attained series regular for the first 2 seasons. Straight 10 and 11 episodes from season 1 and 2. While this kind of mid-break in series delivery is not uncommon as it happened in season 3, with just one season at first. Even Dan Harmon, being the co-creator of the series, is a known perfectionist to the core. Shooting everything from animations, writing and screening are hard for animations. Tampering time to be dealt, we only saw episode 5 in December and nothing has been announced yet.

Why Rick and Morty season 4 might be delayed

The recent outbreak of the coronavirus might be a reason for the show workers to put a small break on the series. Since the outbreak made a major spreading and there is no cure for the virus. Although we can assure you, the next latest episode will air in this 2020.

The coronavirus delays had already been a major problem to the whole world, citing as a good reason and shifting the shooting even much back. It is now on the count of month 4, while April is already near and we did not even have a small hint of what is going to be in the sixth episode. A small hit at the view or micro teasers can help and soothe down the fans both. 

The official twitter account of Rick and Morty mentioned the fans to trust them as quoted, “you can trust us” @AdultSwim #rickandmorty. It seems like a usual time for the writers to think for a new plot, but the date mentioned can’t be that hard. The season return is on its way, but we don’t know when. 

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