Reseller VS Private Buyer -What’s The Best Choice To Sell Your iPhone

With the launch of the latest iPhone, the used mobile market can expect a new wave of old iPhones to be sold in the pursuit of upgradation. This opportunity is perfect as the buyers will be looking forward to the new listings of the previous or older versions of the iPhone going online for sale.

Selling an old phone can be a difficult task, especially when there are so many options for the people looking to buy an iPhone. Mainly, the question that many iPhone owners have in mind -do I sell it to a reseller, or is a private buyer the best choice?

Today we put out the fire of this question, here are the pros and cons to consider if you are looking to sell iPhone to a reseller vs a private buyer:

Pros Of Selling To A Reseller

Pro #1: Your Phone Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect

You can sell broken or damaged phones to a reseller. The best part of approaching a reseller is that they have the tools and the grit to flip phones. While a broken or damaged phone is a liability to a private buyer, it is an opportunity for a reseller.

Pro #2: Resellers Are Trustworthy

One major factor that comes while dealing with used phones is trust. The internet is full of con stories of sellers being conned by a scammer who was posing to be a legit buyer. With resellers, you have the tools of reviews, ratings, and word-of-mouth reputation to rely on to make a decision.

Cons Of Selling To A Reseller

Con #1: Your Selling Price May Be Cut

The flipside of having trust and assurance to sell your damaged phone is that you may have to give up your phone for a lesser price. As resellers are in the business of flipping your phone and selling it to their customer base, they look to maximize the gap between the buying and selling price so that they can make a worthy profit.

Con #2: You Are Fighting Against Other Sellers

With resellers, your iPhone’s demand will be entirely dependent on their inventory. The release of a new iPhone also means a lot of sellers approaching resellers looking to sell their iPhones. This means you will need to be quick to reach the reseller before they have ample product of one model and they don’t want more.

Pros Of Selling To A Private Buyer

Pro #1: You Are Not Competing With Anyone

Selling to a private buyer means that you are one of the few sellers they are looking at. You will be the source of supply when there is demand.

Pro #2: You Sell For A Great Price

A private buyer will assess the condition of your phone and assess how much money they can save compared to buying a new one. They might do a little research on the used phone prices but the negotiation can always be swayed using the quality of your phone and other factors.

Cons Of Selling To A Private Buyer

Con #1: They Are Difficult To Find

The person who is looking for the exact iPhone model you are selling, is closer to your location and is willing to pay you exactly what you are asking for can be a unicorn. To find such a person you need luck and time, which can be difficult.

Con #2: You May Have To Do Credibility Check

The legitimacy of the buyers becomes a concern when you are scouting them on your own. In such situations, you need to perform due diligence, check their social profiles, ask them questions that can reveal their credibility, and perform tactics to vet their seriousness.

Final Thoughts

The choice to go for a reseller or private buyer depends majorly on the time you have, the quality of your phone, and the amount you are expecting to receive. Use the above pros and cons to make the right choice for you.

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