Residential Care: What You Have to Look Forward To

Residential care is a form of aged care available to you or a loved one who requires some extra support as they age. Residential care is one of the more popular routes for retirees and seniors to take, purely because of the accessibility and benefits that come with this form of care. If you are starting to plan for the future and would like to know what there is to look forward to, read on to find out what your time in residential care could look like. 

Flexible accommodation options

It’s hard to paint a picture of a typical residential care solution, as it can look different for every individual. Some aged care community members choose to live at one of the many care centers across the country, with close access to a team of carers and all the amenities you would expect, whilst others prefer a home care option. When you start to visit potential care centers and enquire online, be sure to assess each of the accommodation options so you find the right one for your needs. Residential care is ideal for all ages and stages of life, so you can rest assured that your unique needs will be catered to in this environment. 

Government support

Each country has different services and support systems to look after its aging community. For example, the cost and access to residential care in Australia will often be supplemented by their government. While fees vary depending on the location and care options you choose, you can look forward to financial support programs supporting you to access an environment that suits your needs and desires. Just remember when comparing prices that two aged care centers are rarely identical, so understand what is being offered at each.

A new and exciting social life

Residential care is all about building a sense of community with its residents, which is enriched by the different personalities and cultures of each resident and team of professional carers. In any given week, expect a full calendar of social activities ranging from trips to restaurants or recreational spaces, arts and crafts, themed meals, exercise, religious congregations and even just an afternoon sharing tea and biscuits. You won’t be sitting idle for long in residential care. These social activities can be an exciting addition to the lives of those who may be living alone previously or not living close to extended family. 

Access to health services

Accessing health services and keeping accountable to our bodies is something we don’t always prioritize, at any age. In a residential care environment, these medical professionals actually come to you, making health check-ups and therapeutic support so much easier to maintain and track. Having your GP, dentist, podiatrist and other medical specialists as part of your vibrant community can ensure that you will never have to experience discomfort or another long line in a waiting room. 

Fantastic food and dining

It’s always nice to know that the place you are going to provides nutritional and delicious food, especially if it’s not being cooked by you! Most residential care centers come with a team of chefs and cooks who work through an ever-changing menu of seasonal classics and cultural cuisine. These hearty meals can be shared with your friends or family or enjoyed on your own, whatever you prefer. When it comes time to see the aged care centers available to you, be sure to ask about the kitchen and what to expect.


There is so much to look forward to in residential care and these communities continue to be enriched with new faces and dedicated carers tasked with managing your health and ensuring you have a full and social life.

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