Residential Proxies: Uses & Benefits

Unlike average proxies that provide you with a certain range of foaling IPs, residential proxies let you tie up your device to a fixed residential address in another country. It’s a great opportunity for companies and individuals who need more freedom for data analysis, price comparison on online stores, and simply browsing without limitations. Below is a quick yet detailed guide on residential proxy uses and benefits.

What’s an IP & Proxy?

Your IP address is a unique digital number that works as an identifier for your device. It’s issued by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and contains the info about your:

  • location
  • connection type
  • device info

Proxies are IP address banks that allow you or your company to substitute the real IP address with an alternative IP based in another region or country. Proxy servers work as middlemen between your devices and the worldwide web to disguise your real IP from the websites you visit. This is achieved by rerouting your data through servers that are physically based in different countries around the globe. Best residential proxies include IPs from all over the world to supply you with multiple options for your personal or business purposes.

Residential Proxies

Residential proxies are a category of proxies connected to stable home addresses issued by ISPs to people in the countries where the servers are based. The benefit is that residential proxies mask your real IP with another trackable IP so that the websites you visit can trust you. Of course, proxy providers don’t steal real user IPs. Instead, they create pseudo residential addresses on third-party servers to mark your HTTP requests as “trustworthy” on the websites blocked in your home country.

Residential Proxy Benefits

There are several other benefits of residential proxies apart from anonymity:

  • Access to geo-targeted and -blocked content.
  • Search engine result page analysis – SEO specialists can use proxies to analyze their ads and keywords in different countries as well as monitor international competitors.
  • Web scraping and data extraction – an excellent option to utilize web scraping tools and collect data without revealing your real location and identity.
  • Price comparison and aggregation – this is beneficial for price monitoring on international online marketplaces of any kind.
  • Company security – you can make your company data accessible for a limited list of residential IP addresses to prevent copyright infringements.
  • SMM – social media managers usually need to control several accounts, which can be banned by social networks. Having a set of fixed IP addresses will make it safe to manage multiple accounts from the same device.
  • Testing of websites and apps – international websites and apps may look very different for customers in different countries. If you are a developer, residential proxies will let you view how all the existing versions appear abroad.
  • Varifying ad campaigns – if your web ad campaigns have to appear differently depending on a country, the best way to ensure they are displayed properly is to view the same pages from different residential IPs.

Safe & Anonymous

Residential proxies can be used in many situations and will make your web surfing experience much more meaningful, especially if you use alternative residential IPs for professional purposes.

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