Resume Writing Tips From HR Experts That Can Help You Stand Out From the Crowd

In today’s competitive job market, having a generic resume can be a significant disadvantage. A generic resume does not effectively highlight a candidate’s unique qualifications, skills, and experience. Instead, it relies on a basic template or format that could apply to any job.

The problem with a generic resume is that it needs to stand out to hiring managers, making it more difficult for candidates to land interviews and secure job offers. Let’s explore resume writing tips with which you can turn a generic resume into one that stands out.

Hire a resume-writing expert

For those who may struggle with writing their resume, hiring a professional resume writer can be a great life hack to help them land the job they want. One such resume-writing service that job seekers can consider is Skillhub.

Skillhub is a professional resume writing services nyc offering job seekers personalized and targeted resumes. With a team of expert writers with experience across various industries, Skillhub provides tailored resumes designed to catch the attention of hiring managers and showcase a candidate’s unique skills and experience.

One of the key benefits of hiring a resume writing service like Skillhub is that it allows job seekers to focus on other aspects of their job search. Crafting a compelling resume can be time-consuming. Hiring a professional writer can free up time for job seekers to focus on other essential tasks, such as networking, researching potential employers, and preparing for interviews. It’s beneficial for job seekers who are currently employed and have limited time to dedicate to their job search.

Tailor your resume to the job description

One of the essential tips for creating a winning resume is to tailor it to the job you’re applying for. According to Forbes, you should highlight the requirements and skills the employer seeks in the job posting and showcase your relevant experience and accomplishments. It’s an effective way to make your resume stand out to hiring managers and increase your chances of getting an interview.

Use strong action verbs

Using strong action verbs is another essential tip for writing a successful resume. As a Glassdoor contributor shared, you should avoid using passive language and instead use action verbs to describe your accomplishments and experience. Some examples of strong action verbs include “achieved,” “managed,” “created,” “implemented,” and “organized.” With these words, you will demonstrate your skills and how to bring value to the company.

Quantify your accomplishments

Quantifying your accomplishments is a great way to make your resume stand out. According to Business Insider, you should use specific numbers and metrics to demonstrate the impact of your work. For example, instead of saying you “increased sales,” you could say you “increased sales by 20% in the first quarter.” In such a way, you will provide context for your accomplishments and show the hiring manager the value you can bring to the company.

Keep it concise and easy to read

When writing a successful resume, keeping it concise and easy to read is essential. A career advisor from Indeed suggests limiting your resume to one or two pages and using a simple, easy-to-read font. Please use bullet points and headings to break up the text and make it easier to skim. It’s a great way to ensure the hiring manager can quickly and easily see your relevant experience and qualifications.

Highlight your soft skills

In addition to highlighting your technical skills and experience, showcasing your soft skills on your resume is vital. According to Forbes, soft skills such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving are highly valued by employers. You can demonstrate these skills by including relevant examples in your experience section or mentioning them in your summary or objective statement. This will show the hiring manager that you have the well-rounded skills needed to succeed in the role.

Why soft skills are a game-changer

A Reddit user recently shared their experience of being rejected after a job interview for a technical consultant position due to poor soft skills. The user said they were technically qualified for the role but needed to demonstrate better communication and interpersonal skills during the interview. Other Reddit users agreed that soft skills are critical for consultants, especially regarding open communication and understanding clients’ needs.

The comments emphasized the importance of being able to build rapport with clients and stakeholders, as well as effectively communicating technical information to non-technical audiences. These insights highlight the value of soft skills in the consulting industry and remind job seekers to prioritize developing these skills alongside technical expertise.


In conclusion, all essential tips for writing a successful resume are tailoring your resume to the job description, using strong action verbs, quantifying your accomplishments, keeping it concise and easy to read, and highlighting your soft skills. By following these tips and using trusted resources like Forbes, Indeed, Glassdoor, and Novoresume review, you can create a resume that stands out to hiring managers and helps you land your dream job.


  1. Can I benefit from using a resume writing service, or should I write the resume alone?

While it’s certainly possible to write your resume, hiring a professional resume writer can be a valuable investment for many job seekers. Resume writers have expertise in crafting targeted and compelling resumes that effectively showcase a candidate’s skills and experience. In such a way, job seekers stand out in a crowded job market and increase their chances of landing interviews and job offers.

  1. How can I use technology to improve my resume writing?

There are many technology tools and resources available that can help job seekers improve their resume writing. For example, using a resume builder can simplify creating a professional-looking resume. Additionally, tools like Grammarly can help job seekers catch errors and improve the clarity and readability of their writing.

  1. What are some common mistakes to avoid when writing a resume?

Some common mistakes to avoid when writing a resume include using generic language, failing to highlight your achievements, and including irrelevant information. It’s also important to proofread your resume carefully to avoid spelling and grammar errors. Finally, ensure your resume targets the job you’re applying for rather than being a one-size-fits-all document.

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