Rise and Shine: How to Make the Most of Your Morning Sex Routine

Waking up to the sound of your alarm is never fun.

But you know what is fun to wake up to? Morning sex!

Particularly good morning sex. Because let’s face it. Bad sex first thing in the morning is not exactly ideal.

We’ve made this guide on how to have amazing morning sex, so you don’t have to risk having a bad rise-and-shine bang.

From using an adult Discord to taking things slow, you’re sure to find some exciting tips below.

A few tips for having better morning sex

The following tips will change help your morning sex game forever! Even if morning sex is already a part of your morning routine, why not improve on a few things and make it even hotter?

1.    Check in before you put it in

It’s probably a good idea to check to see what kind of mood your partner is in before you expect any action. Did they sleep ok? Are they really awake yet?

Once you’re sure they woke up just as horny as you, then you can gauge to see what kind of morning sex they’re up for. Slow and gentle, or would they prefer to get things started with a real bang?

Checking in on how your partner is feeling before you start your engines will give you major points in the bedroom.

2.    Have a game plan

Some people prefer to just wing it, while others like things to be more planned out. But both kinds of people can benefit from having a game plan before getting down to business. So, it’s best to go to bed prepared.

Try having condoms, lube, something to clean up with, and a glass of water by the bed and ready to go.

3.    Set the mood

Did you know that people are extra sensitive to touch in the morning? Try using this to your advantage by setting the mood with some sensual foreplay.

This could involve anything from gentle kisses and massages to playful teasing and light bondage – whatever gets your coffee brewing, bro.

4.    Take your time

Rushing your morning sex will almost certainly kill the mood pretty quickly. If you want to make it feel special, make sure you have at least 15-20 to make the magic happen. Dedicate some time to snuggle up close and let them know how much you love them.

5.    Try something new

New things are exciting, especially when done between the sheets! So why not start the day off with some fun?

Ask your partner if they want to try out an adult Discord for some virtual group sex or naughty videos. Virtual cam sex is a risk-free way to explore fantasies and desires together, from the comfort of your own bed.

Single guys can have guaranteed morning sex on an adult Discord

An exciting morning sex routine is pretty much impossible if you don’t have anyone to have sex with. But thankfully we live in the 21st century, gentleman! All you’ll need is a phone or computer to place beside your bed or under the covers.

Having virtual sex in an adult Discord chat is the next best thing to have a lover in your bed. It’s exciting, intimate, and can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Including early morning before work.

Why getting busy in the a.m. is good for you:

If you are ever wondering, “Should I really be having sex first thing in the morning?”, remember that the answer is almost always, yes. Morning sex comes with the following benefits:

  • You’ll start your day with a positive attitude.
  • Your energy levels for the day ahead are stronger.
  • Your circulation and your blood flow get a head start for the day.
  • Thanks to a release of endorphins, your stress levels will decrease.
  • You’ll burn calories and get in a little extra exercise in your day.

TL; DR – how can morning sex be better, and why is it good for me?

You can make your morning sex go from good to great by simply communicating, planning ahead, taking your time, and trying something new now and then.

Single guys or even kinky couples can use an adult Discord sex chat to get some action every morning. And actually, doing so can come with big-time health benefits.

Morning sex, whether it’s live or virtual, energizes your body for the day ahead, and puts you in a good mental space, while bringing a spark of passion into your relationship.

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