Risks of Giving Out Your Cell Phone Number

Online cybercriminals have many ways to obtain a lot of information about the owner of a mobile number that has inadvertently or inadvertently ended up on the web.

Often users enter their number on social networks and other websites, which enables fraudsters to find out their full name and even their passport details.

For example, on popular social networks you can enter a phone number into the search bar and most likely find the user’s page. Even if they have disabled this option and use the same avatar in all their accounts, a simple image search will lead criminals to the owner’s public page.

Thanks to information that is often freely available on social networks, it is possible to find out personal details down to where a person lives or works, where they travel and with whom they are friends. All of this can be used by scammers for malicious purposes.

In order not to fall prey to them, it is necessary to separate your phone numbers. For example, the number linked to your bank account should better not be published anywhere, and you should use a virtual number for texting, shopping or registering.

Why can’t I “publish” my phone number on the internet?

Websites where you leave your phone number can sell your entire database to fraudsters. The consequences in this case are predictable:

  • Spam mailings;
  • Endless calls with offers of services;
  • Mailing lists with malicious links.

If the first and second are only a danger of pushing your data boundaries then the third one can lead to the fact that all your funds will be deducted from your bank account.

What is a Virtual Phone Number for SMS?

A virtual phone number for SMS  is a temporary or permanent phone number to perform certain tasks associated with receiving text messages. You can use this number without a SIM card, and you don’t even need a mobile network. You don’t have to go anywhere to get it, all you need is a smartphone and a stable Internet connection.

What advantages does a virtual phone number have?

  • Easy connection. Connection of such numbers is fast enough, in a few minutes.
  •  No contracts. When receiving a regular SIM-card the customer needs to sign a service agreement. No need to sign anything to register virtual number. Service is available at any time, but customer can stop using it if necessary.
  • No location-based connection. Virtual numbers are not tied to your current location, you can rent a virtual number of any country.
  • Low cost. Depending on your service provider’s country, it may be as low as ten cents per SMS. But in any case the use of virtual numbers is much more profitable than buying a new SIM-card.
  • Preservation of anonymity. You only need an email or social networking account to use and obtain virtual numbers. All your contact details are kept safe from prying eyes.

Who may be useful virtual number for receiving SMS?

The service will be useful for absolutely everyone who needs to register accounts in different services. If we talk about professional activities, many professionals need a lot of accounts for the recruitment in social networks, advertising campaigns and other purposes.

Such professions include:

  1. Marketers;
  2. SEO specialists;
  3. SMM specialists;
  4. Traffic arbitrators;
  5. PR-managers;
  6. Target marketers;
  7. People working with message boards;
  8. Sellers of ready-made accounts.

Where can I get a virtual phone number to receive SMS?

SMS-man is a service that allows you to buy a virtual phone number to receive sms and get sms activation on almost any of the popular sites. Follow the step-by-step instructions below to get a virtual phone number.

It is quite easy to use SMS-man service:

1. Go to sms-man.com and do a quick registration.

2. On the payment page make a deposit in any convenient way. You can do it via bank card, e-wallet or crypto currency.

3. After that, on the main page, choose the country and service for which you need a virtual number to receive SMS.

4. When you have done all this, press the “Buy” button in front of the chosen service.

5. Done, now you can use this virtual number for your own purposes.

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