Rocsi Diaz measurements, bio, height, weight, shoe and bra size

Rocsi Diaz belongs to Tegucigalpa in Honduras, but eventually, the family moved to a new place in New Orleans. Rocsi was born on November 17, 1981. She has to mix decently. Rocsi supports her during her school periods from anorexia. It is a common disease in teenagers that make them habitual of disorders, and different characteristics in the body start becoming visible. Rocsi was a lovely child and cheerleader for the school team; however, suffering from the disorder weakly. On July 30, 2009, she mentioned her middle school emergency for the first time. She is graduated from High School in her hometown. 

She is a graduate student from Nicholas State University. Rocsi is a perfect friend and family of Michael Jordan. Famous basketball players and the representatives of black people matter. She is a pure vegetarian from her college days because she promotes PETA.

How did Rocsi Diaz Get famous?

Rocsi Diaz was born in 1981, and after a few years of Elementary School, she started looking at American Television and tried to incorporate the models’ personalities. She was part of a school cheerleading team and always wanted to become a famous model. Rocsi’s first appearance on MTV as a contestant made her a famous face. While growing up, she shifted to the last to begin her new career. Texas was quite an important place as she could use urban radio stations to fulfil her dream of hosting. In 2004 she was the radio jockey and cultivated an excellent Street style in voice to attract the people in Boston. Later on, she migrated to become a famous D.J. and moved to a new place where she could cultivate the skills of D.J. 

Rocsi Diaz 2004-2005 Timeline

Rocsi Diaz In 2004 only relocated to Chicago, where she received the job of midnight hours in a famous club. She worked twice a day as a D.J. at a club and radio station. She was popularly known as the midday mami. Rocsi was quite a personality who did not like to stay in one place. Rocsi likes to explore different parts of society, and her interest in different industries helps her make a good network. In 2005 BET’s famed personalities left the network and were replaced by new people. After the left, Rocsi applied, and on July 6, she was standing in the first position and co-hosting the new BET. 

Rocsi Diaz 2012-2014 Timeline

Rocsi Diaz’s show premiered in different countries, and around 85 million people watched it, including North America, the United States, Europe, Africa, and Japan. It was the first time Rocsi was hosting internationally. The debut with the co-star Terrance incredible is supported in Japan’s new beginning in MTV Video and Music Awards. In 2012 Rocsi became the part of entertainment tonight, the popular daily serial add-on every weekend. In the maid 2014, she received the first award for her dedication and hard work by day time Emmy. Outstanding work in the entertainment industry and multiple programs as a cast made her win the nomination. In 2014 she left CNN, another person replaced her.

 Rocsi Diaz 20015-2021 Timeline

Rocsi Diaz always had a tremendous interest in communicating and organizing events. She did not stop after facing multiple hurdles during the rejection time. In 2013 her recognition by the Council made her part of the Ruben Salazar award. On January 23, 2015, she was hired by the same agency CNN. She announced her coming back, and finally, she became the contributor of a new show in Los Angeles named the daily share.

In 2015 she celebrated hurricane Katrina’s 10th anniversary and came home with a beautiful camera. She celebrated the anniversary and showed everyone her childhood upbringing and Street. The third season aired in the following years included Rocsi as the primary host replacing the original host. Rocsi was interested in complementing the colours when appearing on the screen. She helped the production team of cannonball come along with other series. In 2021 she hosted her biggest reality show, alter ego.

Rocsi Diaz’s height and weight 

Rocsi Diaz has always been a public figure and a regular television appearance. She has a beautiful height that stands strong at 5’9″. She is a vegetarian and eats a healthy diet that makes a body mass equal 56 kg.

Rocsi Diaz’s dating history

Rocsi Diaz is not dating anybody at the moment. She is happily single; however, she was once engaged to her former boyfriend in the past. But the relationship could not take further and end after a few months. Moreover, there is no evidence about her children.

 Full born name: Raquel Roxanne Rocsi Diaz 

Nicknames: Rocsi

Occupation: Television Personality

Religion: Christianity

Date of birth: November 17, 1981

Birthplace: TegucigalpaHonduras

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Father name: N.A.

Mother name: N.A.

Sibling’s name: N.A.

Spouse/ Boyfriend: None

Children: None

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Body Measurement

Rocsi Diaz is 36-27-37 inches in measurements. However, she always takes some time from Her busy schedule to do essential exercises. She likes to stay fit and only depends upon eating vegetables and vegetarian foods.

Bra and breast size 

Rocsi Diaz is incredible with personal assets. She is the beauty with an hourglass figure. Her breast size is 32, and the cup measures D.

Height: 5’2”

Weight:  56 Kg

Bra Size:  32D

Cup size: D

Body Measurement: 36-27-37 inches

Figure: Hourglass

Chest size: 36 inches

Waist size: 27 inches

Hip’s size: 37 inches

Dress size: 6U.S.

Shoe size: 6.5 U.S.

Eye’s colour: Dark Brown

Hair colour:  Dark Brown

Natural breast or implants: Natural

Have they gone Under Knife?

Rocsi Diaz is an open public figure who appears regularly with the hosting and promotional events. People on the Internet claim that she has taken facial surgery to expand her beauty. However, a news report mentioned no such activity on her face. She has been an independent goal for a long time and always carries out her personality with dignity and confidence.

Net worth

Rocsi Diaz’s salary is under review. However, according to 2021 reports, the total net worth makes her owner of 5 million dollars.

Social Media Presence

Rocsi Diaz’s social account highlights 66.8k fans.


Hobbies: Writing

Favourite Sport: Lawn Tennis

Favourite Food: Vegan

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