Rolling Ray Leaked Foot photo Scandalized On Social Media, Details discussed

A photo of Rolling Ray’s foot became viral in May 2021. Rolling Ray, famous for his popularity on Instagram, has now turned to the internet to openly bash his exes. Take a look at how the action is developing. Rolling Ray is a musician that gained fame on the internet. After signing up for Instagram for the first time in 2018, he has collected more than 350 thousand followers in the year that has passed since then. In 2018, the rapper started releasing songs, but by 2021, it seemed that Rolling Ray’s issues were more fascinating than his music.

Photo of Rolling Ray’s Foot

On May 28, 2021, the Washington, DC rapper Rolling Ray, who was then 24 years old, shared a photo on his Instagram account showing his ex-boyfriend sucking his toe. Even though the relevant Instagram post has been deleted, it did not prevent Twitter users from going crazy about it. Several individuals took to social media sites like Twitter to voice their displeasure with the picture. One of these users wrote: “I know I’ll never listen, but I shoulda minding my own business about why rolling ray is trending RollingRay.” Another Twitter user was busy eating their face with food while simultaneously pondering the topic of the trendy hashtag #RollingRay. Most tweets with the hashtag #RollingRay are animated GIFs displaying people’s reactions to the story.


Rolling Ray, whose real name is Raymond Harper, has made no secret of his desire to share his personal life with the world using social media. In 2018, their divorce proceedings at Divorce Court with Judge Lynn Toler were broadcast on television. Rolling Ray’s ex-boyfriend was a man called Christian McCormick, and during their relationship, the two of them were always accusing one another of cheating. Christian described the individual as rude, dishonest, and untrustworthy all at the same time. Rolling Ray alleged that he was owed $1,000 for accommodation and show-related expenses over two months. After being together for four years, things eventually began to move negatively, and the couple decided to make their disagreements public by discussing them on the show.

Who is Rolling Ray’s Ex-Boyfriend?

Rolling Ray dated Christian McCormick while he was between the ages of 17 and 21. Contrary to what most people think, Christian is not the exe shown in the most recent photograph of Rolling Ray’s “foot” posted on Instagram. Nobody is sure about the man’s identity shown in the ‘foot’ photo. I understand that you paid the first monthly price plus a little more, but you can’t make me wait three weeks for the cash app to touch my phone, shawty. Despite this, the photo’s text gives the impression that Rolling Ray is not in a very good mood: I get that you paid the first monthly cost plus a little more. In my perspective, there is no longer any chance of anything good happening to you.

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