Roy Jaggers? Prosecutors contemplate death punishment for 27-year-murders

Prosecutors are considering giving the death penalty to at least one of the three people accused of torturing and killing their neighbour in a remote part of the Nevada desert outside Las Vegas. The prosecution says that after torturing Roy Jaggers, 27, for hours with a blowtorch, knives, a baton, and an axe, he was stripped of his clothes and forced to walk down a cliff. The person was then shot many times.

Heather Pate, 27, her boyfriend Kevin Dent, 36, and her ex-boyfriend Brad Mehn, 37, are all in jail without bail because of the terrible death. Nye County Sheriffs say that on August 1, Pate and Dent lured Jaggers to her Las Vegas home because they thought he had hurt her child. The victim’s mother told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that Jaggers sometimes looked after Pate’s children. She said that her son would have never hurt the little kid. His mother said, “I know exactly how he was, what he could do, and what he couldn’t do.

A criminal complaint says that Pate beat Jaggers in her home before putting her in handcuffs and driving her away. The Sheriff’s office says that Pate and Dent then drove Jaggers to Pahrump, a small town in the middle of nowhere, where they met Mehn, the Las Vegas Review Journal says.

For causing harm to one of her children, so they say

At 6:20 a.m. on August 1, an unknown caller said there was a body outside State Route 160 between Mountain Springs and Pahrump. In a video, Nye County Captain David Boruchowitz said that police got a call about a body found in a remote part of the canyon. The Sheriff’s office said that when they got to the scene at 6:45 a.m., they found the body of a young adult man whose fingerprints helped them figure out who he was. Pate was the last person to see Jaggers alive. She was arrested after police got a warrant to search her home. The police stopped Dent at his home and Mehn on Route 160 as he was going to Pahrump.

Where the police found the murder weapon

Now, Pate’s kids’ father is asking for full custody, saying that the kids saw Jaggers hurting Pate. According to court documents, the father says, “There are video recordings of the crimes being done, and as disturbing as that is, it is much more disturbing that in one video recording, the children are seen entering the room while the defendant/mother and her criminal co-defendants were doing various physical, criminal acts against the deceased of the criminal action.”

Thomas Gibson, Men’s court-appointed lawyer, says that the prosecution could ask Mehn to be put to death. Mehn is thought to have shot and killed Jaggers after he forced him to leave Cathedral Canyon. Police say they have taken evidence from the homes of Dent and Mehn. When the police got a warrant to look through Mehn’s house, he wasn’t there. Mehn was caught on Route 160, where more evidence was gathered. It is said that he led the police to the murder weapon. Jaggers had never been convicted of a crime in Clark County, except for a trespassing charge that was dropped, and his parents thought he was a nice guy who wouldn’t hurt anyone.

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