Sabrina Prater cries in the TikTok video after being accused of serial killing, Details explained

After a video of TikToker Sabrina Prater dancing in her house went viral, she has been the target of mindless hatred and transphobia from online commenters. Prater, who identifies as a Transwoman, posted a video of herself dancing to “Any Man of Mine” by Shania Twain on her TikTok account. In the footage, Prater could be seen dancing in a kitchen full of broken appliances and other garbage.

Who is Sabrina Prater?

Prater is a transgender internet celebrity whose films sparked a transphobia-fueled internet rumor mill. People flocked in droves to watch a single video of Prater dancing, and many of those viewers left what seemed to be innocuous comments on the post. A short time later, however, the comments turned dark, with some individuals labeling Prater “Buffalo Bill” and accusing her of harboring “victims” in her house. Because of a screen that appeared in the backdrop of another video on Prater’s account and showed two ladies, this video seemed to receive the same attention and comments as the first video. On the app, users made unfounded accusations that Prater had kidnapped and held the two ladies in the video captive.

Sabrina Prater denied serial murderer rumors

Prater has responded to the allegations by stating the two ladies in question are her daughters. A secret subreddit devoted to Prater was also founded, and it now has over a hundred users. However, the archived postings on the page show that the page often gets Prater’s gender wrong, even though she refers to herself using she/her pronouns. Speculation about her real identity, job, family, and sexual misconduct charges may also be found in this forum.

Prater has never broken TikTok’s nudity or sexual-content standards, but in a now-deleted video, she claims that the company is censoring her work because of these rules. I’ve arrived at this location. Because of who I am. Prater claims that she didn’t do anything wrong in the video. You people need to defend me since I’m being treated unfairly. Just give me some love and acceptance, dude.

Simply put, I’m being treated worse than everyone else for being who I am. Tragically, transgender persons are a common victim of the destructive conspiracy theories that accuse Prater of kidnapping and keeping young girls captive. Assumptions that all transgender individuals are violent or otherwise bad people are widespread and a major concern. The media’s tendency to portray transgender individuals negatively contributes to the hostility they experience in society.

Transgender characters are portrayed as “victims” at a rate of at least 40%, according to research conducted by GLAAD. At the very least, 21% of film and TV plotlines included a transgender character in a murderous or villainous role. Recent research conducted by GLAAD found that most individuals in the United States get the most of their knowledge and impressions about transgender people from the media. This means that 84% of Americans do not directly know someone who is transgender. Consequently, transgender persons are put in dangerous and even life-threatening situations.

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