Sakura’s uselessness in Naruto: Futile victim or Underappreciated hero? Details explored!

It is widely known that Sakura is one of the most reviled characters throughout the whole of the Naruto canon. She has been deemed irrelevant by the vast majority of her fans, and many times, she has been referred to as being useless. The character had pretty well established herself as a crybaby and an enamored fangirl for Sasuke, to the extent where she declared her ultimate purpose in life was to be with Sasuke. In spite of the fact that representations of women in anime are sometimes sexist and archaic, Sakura came out as a naïve and self-absorbed young girl whose whole universe revolved around a male character.

In addition, she insulted the intelligence of a significant number of readers when she said that Naruto’s disobedience originates from the fact that an unknown family brought him up. And to Sasuke, out of everyone else! Her admirers usually fail to see this fact, despite the fact that she is a reflection of the toxic concern that people witness in the world on a daily basis. Kishimoto also gave her a substantial amount of background that is quite appropriate to the character she is now.

Sakura trash kunoichi, Does she deserve the hatred?

Fans of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden may not be aware of how far she has progressed over the course of the two series. Sakura began as a hapless supporting character who could do little more than an appeal for aid whenever her circumstances got direr. She did not originate from a royal family, nor did she possess any unique Kekkei Genkai such as the Sharingan or the Byakugan; despite this, she ascended to become one of the most fearsome kunoichi in all of Konoha and is now the leader of the medical ninja community.

She worked fast to treat Kankuro surgically and produced an antidote to the unknown and highly lethal poison Sasori used to save Kankuro’s life. Both of these actions were taken in order to save Kankuro’s life. After that, she moved fast to request Granny Chiyo’s assistance in eliminating Sasori. Tsunade also granted her the Byakugou 100-Healings Mark, which is a Hashirama Senju clinical Jutsu. It is unknown whether or not she is capable of using this ability.

At this point in time, it is only known that Sakura and Tsunade are capable of making use of it as Shinobi. In terms of her emotions for Sasuke, her teenage love occasionally tempted her to pursue the dark road that he had chosen; nevertheless, in the end, all she wanted to do was stop him and bring him back to the village, similar to how Naruto had done it. She may not be as strong as Sasuke or Naruto, owing to the wounds she received during her brief confrontation with Madara, but there is no denying that she is still a very dangerous opponent. Follow us to get more information regarding the Naruto characters and the latest updates.

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