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It is quite challenging to be a celebrity as you cannot keep anything related to your life secret. There are few such people who are related celebrities but have been successful in staying away from the limelight and keeping their life private. One of such people is the wife of Joel Mchale; Sarah Williams. Joel is a popular actor and comedian, but her wide has always been away from the radar and people have no information about her personal as well as professional life. She is usually mistaken with the voice actress; Sarah Anne Williams but they both are totally different persons professionally.

Early life 

Sarah Williams was born on 10th August 1970. She lost her father when she was a toddler and was brought up by her mother, single-handedly. Her mother’s name is Sally Williams, and she is 81 years old and perfectly healthy and fine. Her mother was only 42 when her father died, and she has expressed her gratitude for her mother’s efforts on several occasions. 

She says that her mother struggled a lot but put a lot of efforts in bringing up Sarah and his brother. She ensures that her children get the best life despite not having a father. Sarah’s mother is suffering Alzheimer’s, but she is taking good care of her and is providing her with all comforts and the best treatment. There is no information about her education, but seeing her posts on social media, it is clear that she is well-educated.

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Career beginning 

There are no clear details available about her career and profession but manging a house and taking care of the children is itself a difficult job, and she has been doing it perfectly for over a decade now. Her husband has expressed his love of her several times, and he also said that Sarah is one of the most calculated, intelligent and caring people he has ever met in his life. He is a perfect wife, loving mom and above all, a genuine person who cares a lot about her family.

Personal life 

Sarah met John McHale in the year 1995, and they both fell in love with each other at first sight. Before asking her out, John took permission from one of her friends which is quite surprising. They got into a relationship and dated for a year. The got married in 1996, but there are no details available about their wedding ceremony. They have been living happily after their marriage without any fights or controversies and also have been seen in Severna events together.

Few years after their marriage, the couple had their first son and named him Edward Roy McHale. It was later discovered that their son had a congenital malformity; which means he had two big holes in the heart. He underwent open-heart surgery, and now he is completely healthy and doing great.

Net Worth

There are no details available about Sarah’s net worth but her husband; Joel McHale is worth $14 million and being her wife she obviously gets to a enjoy a share of his net worth.

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