Season seven of The Masked Singer: Who Is the Ringmaster? Fans think Hayley Orrantia, Details explored!

On May 18th, FOX will telecast the season finale of The Masked Singer, which will include the remaining contestants, Ringmaster, Firefly, and Prince. The Ringmaster of Team Good was the next contestant to advance to the show’s final round. After the first round, she was one of five masked singers to take the stage in the second round, along with Miss Teddy (Jennifer Holliday), Hydra (Penn & Teller), Lemur (Christie Brinkley), and Armadillo (Duane Chapman). Several admirers have deduced that Hayley Orrantia is the famous person hiding behind the Ringmaster’s guise.

What do followers of “The Masked Singer” think about the show?

From the moment Ringmaster made his Season 7 debut on The Masked Singer, viewers have been speculating about who he may be. After last week’s programme, however, most viewers have settled on Hayley Orrantia as their best choice for the celebrity hiding behind the Ringmaster’s disguise.

Hints suggesting that Hayley Orrantia is the Ringmaster

In Episode 4 of this season (March 30), Ringmaster first appeared, and she blew everyone away with an incredible rendition of “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus. After that, she appeared on The Masked Singer stage with the other two finalists last week. The following sentences may provide hints as to which celebrity is hiding behind Ringmaster’s disguise, taking a risk on something new has paid off for me over the last decade.

A “Welcome to Nashville” sign, an elf holding a stop sign, a driver’s licence from California, and the “x” on a tic-tac-toe board are all objects that may be used as clues. You should know I’m a 90s girl, but I’ve been songwriting for as long as I can remember; that was the major hint. You can also find clues such as a guitar, a board with “NASA” scrawled, a cup featuring Miley Cyrus, laughing emoji, report cards, and a bottle of “Sweet Southern.”

Fans have proposed Hayley Orrantia for the role of Ringmaster

The evidence points to Hayley Orrantia being the Ringmaster. Orrantia, for instance, is well-known for her role as Erica on the ABC sitcom The Goldbergs. The smiling emoticon and California licence both allude to Orrantia’s programme. Fascinating fact: the famous person was a backup vocalist in Miley Cyrus’ Hannah Montana. The Ringmaster’s suggestions were a Cyrus mug and her debut song on The Masked Singer, The Climb. Orrantia auditioned for the 2011 season of The X Factor, in which Nicole Scherzinger served as a judge.

The Ringmaster left hints such as an “x” shaped tic-tac-toe board and mentioned seeing a judge from The Masked Singer again. Also, the contestant’s “90’s girl” hint may point to 1994 as Orrantia’s birth year. The singer’s time spent in the real estate industry in Nashville with her father may explain the Nashville reference. Many signs point to Hayley Orrantia being the Ringmaster from The Masked Singer, but we won’t know for sure until the finale airs on May 18 at 8:00 pm et on Fox.

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