7 Things you didn’t Know about Solo Online Gaming

We are huge fans of video games and I’m going to bet that you are too! Why wouldn’t you be with so many different types to play, from RPGs to online casinos? There has to be a reason you’re looking for video game facts and clicking to read this post in your spare time. Well, believe me when I say that you will not be sorry. We’ve collected seven video game facts to make you sound like an expert, whether you’re a diehard or casual gamer.

Even if you complete every side mission in an RPG or prestige a dozen times in a multiplayer shooter, you probably don’t know all of the stories behind it. Some of these facts veer into the bizarre, find inspiration from the weirdest places, or are strangely heart-warming. Others don’t make any sense at all.

  1. The Worst Game Ever Made – When Atari launched E.T. the Extraterrestrial in 1982, they made a tremendous error. The company was allegedly compelled to bury unsold copies of the game in the desert, according to urban legend. When a documentary crew discovered them, the “myth” turned out to be true. But that’s another story.
  2. The Future is Mobile – If you’re not a big mobile player, it’s easy to overlook how hugely popular – and, more importantly, profitable – the mobile gaming industry has grown in recent years. According to a recent analysis, free-to-play mobile games alone produced $73.8 billion in income in 2021, surpassing the combined $52.8 billion in PC and console gaming sales. As a result, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that PC and console game publishers are cramming microtransactions into their titles everywhere they can.
  3. A Game for the Ages – The notion that video games are mainly for the younger generation is incorrect; according to recent data, the average age of a player is 35 years old, with those who buy games the most frequently being 37 years old. In North America, 17% of gamers are between 36 and 49, and 27% are above 50. This indicates that the vast majority of gamers are adults. One of the fascinating truths about the gaming industry.
  4. A Clear Vision – Have you ever heard your mother warn you about staring at your computer screen for too long? Okay, she was right, as your eyes need a break now and then. Still, a psychologist’s study may confirm that intricate video games requiring aiming and shooting at objects can help with failing vision.
  5. Tomb-namer – Toby Gard, a Core Design animator, wanted to produce an interactive game about a man searching for treasure in Egyptian pyramids. The character was swiftly replaced with Laura Cruz, a South American woman. Unfortunately, the original idea was judged to be too similar to Indiana Jones. In addition, core needed a name that would appeal to people in the United Kingdom. Hence, employees dug through a phone book and came up with the moniker “Croft.”
  6. Play Time is Over – Sony and Nintendo formed a development agreement to create a new console—one of the first video game machines to play CDs. Sony was supposed to supply the electronics, CD player, and other components; however, Nintendo decided to cancel the project. Sony opted to keep developing the technology and release it as a game console, which became known as the original PlayStation. With 157.6 million units sold, the PS2 is still the best-selling system.
  7. The Prince Who Was Almost an Assassin – Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed series began as a spinoff of the Prince of Persia franchise. Furthermore, the game’s creators referred to it as Prince of Persia: Assassins in the early stages of development. Initially, the plot revolved around a female assassin tasked with defending the Prince of Jerusalem. However, Ubisoft declined the offer because the tale didn’t center on the Prince.

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