Shopping Guide: 5 Common Types of Bed Mattresses

Is your current bed mattress more than ten years old now? Does it cause your sleep to be disrupted sometimes because of the aches and pains it causes you? Do you see certain marks and lumps on its surface, making it hard to be comfortable when lying down? Then, you might want to change your bed mattress. Having a good night’s sleep is just as important as taking care of one’s physical health.

Numerous things should be considered when buying a new mattress. From one’s budget to one’s doctor’s advice, or firmness and comfort level preference, purchasing a new bed mattress is not to be taken for granted. After all, a bed mattress is a long-term investment that can affect various aspects of one’s life, such as overall health. Knowing the five (5) most common types of bed mattresses would be a great start for buyers.

Innerspring Mattress

This type of mattress is one of the most popular among buyers both online and physical stores. In these trying times, it’s still best for everyone to stay at home most of the time to avoid catching COVID-19. Shopping online is one of the solutions for staying at home most of the time. After all, one can still be ensured of buying the best online mattress; remember to check reviews from other customers to ensure the quality of the product.

Innerspring mattresses have been around for some time now. The technology has developed over time that makes this type of mattress have gotten better. Companies nowadays tend to make innerspring mattresses with high-quality materials (as they should) to offer maximum comfort to buyers. The steel coils have high durability to make sure the mattress lasts for many years.

Memory Foam Mattress

This mattress is best known for its excellent capacity to distribute the weight of one’s body through using body heat. This contours the body while lying down, making the person feel as if the material is hugging the body. This is ideal for all types of sleepers: back, side, and front sleepers. Memory foam mattresses are designed for comfort and support.

Since this mattress provides the exceptional capacity to conform to the body structure, one can expect fewer aches and pains when waking up. Spinal support and better blood circulation are ensured, which is excellent for people with certain bone structure conditions and other medical conditions. The high-quality materials used will surely provide a good night’s sleep that everyone wants and long for.

Latex Mattress

A durable and supportive surface is expected for this type of mattress. It is usually combined with reflex foam or springs. This is quite expensive compared to others, but the materials used for this can secure a chance of restful slumber. The bounce feeling when you’re on it is a lot like when you are on an innerspring mattress. Make sure to search and inquire for those made with natural latex as they are eco-conscious.

This type of mattress is typically recommended for those who can’t sleep because of back pains. It provides cushioned support which makes it feel very comfortable. It also has somewhat similar body-hugging feels like memory foams. A latex mattress offers an extended lifespan which is great for those who don’t want to buy a new mattress more often.

Adjustable Air Mattress

This mattress is an alternative to previously mentioned types (innerspring, memory foam, and latex mattresses). It has a particular feature that could come in handy; its firmness can be easily adjusted. The adjustable air mattress’ popularity has been growing in the past few years since people change their preference now and then when it comes to comfort and firmness. This won’t be a problem for people with this type of mattress. Just adjust by deflating it.

One must note, though, the warranty for adjustable air mattresses is usually short. Companies only allow six months to one year. One has to do a lot of research first to find a company that will enable a longer warranty. The most extended warranty was only about three years. Another thing is that it has a relatively shorter lifespan compared to other types of mattresses. But disregarding all that, the materials used can provide a peaceful sleep at night.

Hybrid Mattress

This is a multi-layered bed. It’s called a “hybrid” because it usually combines gel foam, memory foam, latex foam with a spring coil system for a bouncy feel. This mattress claims to provide a perfect blend of good pressure relief and a strong build feel or firmness. The spring coil system provides the support the body needs, and the combination of different foams provides the overall comfort the mattress brings.


It is recommended to stay inside your homes most of the time. Take advantage of the current technology to order online and make the seller deliver what you’ve ordered to your doorstep. The body’s overall health should be the top priority nowadays. So stay at home and order the most suitable mattress for you online.

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