Should You Upgrade to the iPad Pro M1?

It’s always a huge moment for the tech world when a new Apple product gets released, and the iPad Pro M1 is no exception. Taking the product’s standard format and running with it, the iPad Pro M1 is a significant upgrade on its predecessors. Whether you use your tablet for business or pleasure, this is a device you won’t want to miss out on.

Of course, the price tag might put you off – the 11in screen version will set you back over $1000, and the 12.9-inch display model even more, but if you have some spare cash then you truly won’t be disappointed. Let’s take a look at which departments the iPad Pro M1 thrives in.


This is arguably the best tablet on the market when you consider its raw spec.

The iPad Pro M1 has that M1 processor which you can find in the iMac and MacBook Pro, so it boasts plenty of heft. That processing power, backed by 8 or 16GB of RAM and as much as 1/2TB of storage, showcases this new tablet as a powerhouse pretty much capable of replacing your work computer.

There’s further expansion capability too, with USB 4 connectivity enabling you to use a monitor, keyboard, mouse or any other USB device that takes your fancy.

Many of your key work apps, be it word processing, file management or video editing, can be used seamlessly, and so the iPad Pro M1 is the perfect working tablet.


The presence of that M1 chip can mean only one thing – your browsing experience will be rapid, to say the least. This could well be the fastest tablet on the market, delivering laptop-esque page loading times and media playback without any lag whatsoever.

Powered by WiFi 6 or 5G if you prefer, the iPad Pro M1 is supported by ten-hour battery life.


Those industry-leading processing speeds lay the foundation for sublime streaming capabilities. But movie lovers will note another trick the iPad Pro M1 has up its sleeve – an incredible mini LED screenthat is typically the preserve of high-end TV sets rather than tablets.

This iPad has 2,596 mini LEDs powering its screen, and this ensures the most vivid of colors and tones no matter how bright or dingy your room is.

You could stream a film or binge the latest Netflix blockbuster and think you’re watching on a $1,000 TV – that’s how good the iPad Pro M1 display is.


Many of the perks of gaming on your iPad Pro M1 – outstanding processing speeds and frame rates, LED display, beefy RAM – have been touched upon already.

This version of Apple’s flagship tablet also boasts excellent audio and is a fairly lightweight 682g – so you can enjoy long gaming sessions without suffering from cramped wrists or frozen shoulder.

As you would expect, the iPad Pro M1 supports all manner of gaming. You can enjoy high-action titles like Call of Duty or work up a sweat in FIFA or NBA 2K. You could even settle down to play bingo games or slots. Whether you opt for a simple favorite like Rainbow Riches or a TV special like Deal or No Deal, you’ll find that when the developers have put a lot into creating vibrant graphics for those seeking a full house. Using the iPad Pro M1, these players will get the most out of those graphics, due to the crystal clear sound and crisp display, so won’t have to miss a single ball.


Quick, responsive and packed with storage, you can switch easily between your various social media channels and upload photos and videos without worrying how much space your device has left free.

The social experience is enhanced further by the built-in 12MP camera, which offers an ultrawide setting and Apple’s patented ‘TrueDepth’ technology.

As you can see, whichever department you look at the iPad Pro M1 answers any questions posed of it.

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