Shyla Walker reveals ACE Family’s threats against her and her mother, Details of the accusations and claims explored!

Having previously exposed her ex-partner Landon McBroom, Shyla Walker has now made further severe accusations against the family. Austin McBroom, the elder sibling of her son Landon, has been charged by her with making threats against her and her daughter. Everything started when Austin posted an online photo of his daughter Souline (Shyla and Landon’s daughter). Once more, Walker used Instagram to share images from a conversation she claims took place between herself and Austin. According to Walker, Austin threatened to disclose some of Walker’s footage unless she paid him to keep silent if she didn’t pay him to keep quiet. Pictures from the conversation accompanied Walker’s threats. Shyla disclosed every detail of the conversation, culminating with the statement, I’m done with this little situation and evil energy.

Shyla Walker claims ACE Family posted her daughter’s photos without her permission

Soon after, Shyla started to accuse her ex-partner, Landon McBroom, of sneaking their daughter away to visit Disneyland without her knowledge. After the McBrooms submitted pictures of their daughter, Souline, she began a conversation with Austin McBroom, who is a member of the ACE Family. In response to an Instagram story that showed her daughter and Austin’s son working out at a boxing gym, Shyla Walker revealed the conversation between them.

As shown by the interaction between them, Austin is using the conversation as a means to pressure Walker into uploading a video of her criticizing her daughter by using it as a threat. In addition, he claimed that he possessed video evidence of Shyla profiting from the ACE Family trademark. She stated that, among the many accounts she provided, she felt it was best to maintain these interactions online. Austin refers to Shyla as a “psycho” in their discussion. In her response, she stated that she would rather not continue the conversation because she believed that Austin was making threats toward her and her family.

Shyla regrets posting her daughter’s face online after her split with Landon

Shyla has confessed that she now deeply regrets posting her daughter’s photo online a year ago following the split between her and Landon. But Souline’s dad Landon and his family kept sharing photos of their girl online. This time, however, Shyla seemed to have had enough, and she went to social media to publicly shame Austin, Landon, and the rest of the McBroom family for posting photos of their daughter Souline.

Shyla says it makes her uneasy when people she doesn’t know are familiar with her daughter’s name or appearance. Because of this, she requested that Austin remove the photos. Shyla Walker’s Instagram stories documented the nasty fight that ensued as a consequence of all this. On the other hand, it wasn’t too long ago that Shyla accused her ex-partner Landon of secretly taking their daughter to Disneyland without telling Walker. Because Walker suspected Landon of taking the girl, he had McBroom get a protection order against him.

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