Smith said what Oscars 2022 actor smacks Chris Rock sparks internet memes

At the 94th Academy Awards on Sunday night, Will Smith slapped presenter Chris Rock after Rock made a joke about Smith’s wife. This has become the most talked-about part of the night. And just as quickly, memes and other responses to one of the most shocking things at the Oscars flooded the Internet.

Twitter responded that they had been completely uninterested in the annual Hollywood awards show up until this point but that the slap had taken over their timeline in a shocking way. One meme showed a person looking at their phone before reacting with shock to the news that Will Smith had hit Chris Rock. The caption said, Me not caring about the Oscars but suddenly noticing that Will Smith hit Chris Rock.

Others posted screenshots from some of Smith’s famous movies, like Men in Black, and joked that the actor would want to use the movie’s memory-erasing technology, the Neuralyzer, to forget what had happened. In the meantime, Nicole Kidman has become an unintentional meme after a picture of her looking surprised at an awards show went viral on Twitter. Users said that Nicole Kidman’s answer was a good example of how most people feel.

Even though the photos of Nicole were taken before the awards show, fans didn’t let that stop them from making the Best Actress nominee into a meme.

Tweet that Chris Rock put out there

In 2022, when Will Smith slapped Chris Rock in the face at the Oscars, the shocked comedian said, “That was one of the best nights in TV history. The thing happened during the Academy Awards ceremony. The news shocked Chris Rock and everyone else at the 94th Academy Awards in Los Angeles’s Dolby Theater. People who saw Smith’s response on TV or social media were surprised as if it had come out of nowhere.

Because of the event, the Oscars 2022 moment has become the most talked-about meme on Twitter. People can’t stop talking about it. Jokes and memes about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock are all over social media. This is clear from the many different versions of the videos and the spread of memes. Here are a few tweets to look at: One viewer wrote on Twitter that Nicole Kidman should win the Oscar for Best Reaction to Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock.

The tweet said Nicole Kidman is speaking out against the Chris Rock and Will Smith fight at the Oscars. Someone else said A new meme is about to be born. One fan wrote, “Nicole Kidman and her husband were in the front row when Will Smith beat the crap out of Chris Rock,” which made them laugh.

The trend on Twitter right now

The shocking event made the hashtag #whatjusthappened a popular topic on Twitter. One user said that Nicole Kidman represented “all of us at that time” when talking about the topic. Will used his speech when he won his first Oscar to explain why he slapped Chris, who was giving an award when he stormed onto the stage at the Oscars.

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