Southern University Cheerleader Commits Herself After Sharing Heartbreaking Note On Instagram, Details explored!

According to an Instagram post on May 4, Arlana Miller, a freshman cheerleader at Southern University A&M College in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, took her own life. Miller’s social media message, in which she referred to wanting to commit herself, caused anxiety among her loved ones. Miller’s corpse was allegedly discovered in the Mississippi after the appropriate authorities were contacted. Miller was a student at an HBCU school specializing in agriculture, and her classmates, friends, and family have been grieving her loss and remembering her as a diligent worker and a nice person. Miller’s suicide, occurring during May’s designated “Mental Health Awareness Month,” has shed additional emphasis on the prevalence of mental health issues among college students.

Arlana Miller posted an emotional goodbye to Instagram

Arlana Miller posted a photo of herself and a lengthy statement on Instagram outlining why she felt she couldn’t continue living. Miller also clarified that no one was at fault for her passing. Miller described how this year alone brought her significant pain because of COVID-19 and an ACL injury. People, she advised, should make sure their “strong” friends were okay, and they should keep fighting. She also admitted that she was letting people down with what she would do, but she had been “unbearable” throughout her life. Arlana Miller thanked her mother, hoped her mother knew she was at peace, and vowed never to forget her. Miller finished his statement by apologising for the inconvenience.

Thinking about how others might feel about my demise isn’t enough. My whole life has been spent pleasing others. I’ve been dead inside too long. Please don’t feel guilty, my loved ones. In honour of my grandfather… I wish you were here to tell me I’m dumb and it’s not worth it, but you’ve left me and found your peace. Like you, I’ve always had a lot of pride and stubbornness. All I’ve worked for to get where I am now isn’t enough to fulfil my childhood dreams. Not even I can cut it. I’m not satisfied. But I’ve had enough of this battle and declare it over. My war is ended, and I hope everyone finds peace.

Honour and tributes to Arlana Miller

Southern University has been struck a heavy blow with the announcement of Arlana Miller’s death. The authorities and close friends and family of the deceased have been pouring in their tributes. Floyd Sias, coach at Southern University, released a statement lamenting Miller’s passing. Arlana quickly became a valuable member of our team. She was passionate about her sport, hardworking, and kind. We mourn her passing. All of the team members are now thinking about her and her loved ones.

The Southern University director of athletics told students that the counselling centre and other partners are ready to support them through this difficult time. On the third level of the A.W. Mumford Fieldhouse, we will have counsellors accessible all day for student-athletes and their coaches. Some netizens discussed the necessity for mental health care while paying homage to Arlana Miller’s family.

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